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July 2019 News

The Ministry of the Bible. 

Recently we had Kisakye Frank come here to get a Bible for his village pastor who lives in Sembabule district (over 60km) from us. Frank has been saved for some years now, but he did not have a Bible. However, he loves the Lord and wants other people to know Jesus as their Saviour. Having heard about this ministry, he desired to get Bibles; for his pastor first and then for himself. The most important thing about his testimony was - as he put it – 'I love sharing the gospel'.  'I asked - 'How have you been doing that without the Bible?' He replied - 'I listen to the radio, and if any preacher is preaching, then I write down the scriptures and share it with others.' After getting his Bible, Frank was so thankful that he kept lifting up his Bible and thanking God for such a blessing. 'I will now share the gospel, reading to people from this book' he said.

As we have earlier written to you, Bibles in our local dialects are expensive for most Christians. For you to stand with us and enable us bring the Word of God to needy people is a great blessing to the churches in the villages. Frank’s situation is similar to that of Faith, whom we shared with you two years ago. She was leading a Bible study, but had no Bible. She was also getting scriptures to share from the radio, and borrowing a Bible from the neighbors. 

In the photo above are a few other people who have benefited from the Bible ministry. Making the Bible available is the most effecting means of winning souls for Christ Jesus, and also the essential foundation for a strong biblical church. People can see for themselves from the Word of God. 

Joyce (photo below) has occasionally taken Bibles to her fellow Christian friends who did not have an opportunity to get Bibles. We met Joyce when we had a pastors’ conference. Her heart was very moved towards the ministry of helping believers to get Bibles. She has been one of our close associates in this ministry. Even in her old age, she has done incredible ministry to her church members. She also rears pigs and does farming on her land. The Lord is using her to bless other people with scriptures. We praise the Lord for the souls who have been transformed through His Word. 

Sunday School

The Lord has increasingly added to us many kids from around this community who fellowship with us every Sunday. It's so exciting to have these kids here every Sunday, and some of them have been coming since this church began. Now some of the kids can pray and recite scriptures. Nakanjako can now pray a biblical prayer for the rest of the kids before their Sunday school starts. There's such an exuberant change we can see in these kids. We really give glory to God, and the Sunday school teachers who are taking this initiative to make sure that the kids come to know Jesus.

The Kids have now got another Sunday school teacher. Robinah has not been in our church for long, but she has a passion for kids. She helps when Nakaye is not around. The Lord is relieving us from some ministry responsibilities by raising other leaders. Sunday is one of our busiest days and so tiresome. When these ladies fill the gaps in our ministry, we praise the Lord.

We had one of the ladies give a testimony thanking God for her kids who are in the Sunday school. She had been practicing divination and calling on spirits of the dead before she came to Jesus; and her kids had seen it happening. Actually, she shared that she took time to apologize to them. She now feels so good when she sees them developing to know God. Isn’t that such a wonderful change of life; from your kids seeing you serving Satan; to now serving our Lord Jesus Christ? The only true satisfaction in life is found in God, and He is more glorified when we are more satisfied in Him. This family has now come to know that only God matters in their lives. 

Other Ministries

You may remember that we had planned to have a pastors' conference in May, and also an evangelism mission on the Island of Buyiga. We have not yet given up on this, and we still trust the Lord to make a way. However, evangelism is continuing around this community. As a ministry, we had a meeting to plan the way forward. We are likely to have the Buyiga Island evangelism next month; although the pastors' conference - not sure! 

More piglets

Recently, one of our pigs gave birth for the first time to six piglets - late in the night when we were in deep sleep. Unfortunately we lost two of the piglets.
Next month we will share about some ladies who have profited from being given piglets from our farm. 

Please consider praying for;

a)      Ministry Land
b)      Financial provision for the pastors’ conference.
c)       Ministry financial provision. 
d)      Sunday school shelter.
e)       Discipleship trainings at church and high school.

June 2019

Greetings to you all! We praise the Lord who has enabled us again to share with you our June Newsletter.  
1 Timothy 4 v.6 “If you put these things before the brothers, you will be a good servant of Christ Jesus, being trained in the words of the faith and of the good doctrine that you have followed. v.7 Have nothing to do with irreverent, silly myths. Rather train yourself for godliness;”….. v.15Practice these things, immerse yourself in them, so that all may see your progress”. 

On June 3rd we had Rev. Bakunda, accompanied by his wife Alice, preaching at our church (in front on the right). We had entitled this day a FAMILY DAY. He preached on the theme: ‘RAISING A GODLY FAMILY’. It was really a great day and very busy. His sermon was a blessing to us. In the afternoon we had a workshop where they were answering any marriage/ family related questions, and major concerns that couples in village normally experience. Simon and I have known this couple for a long time. And they are good examples towards ministry and raising a godly family.

We spent the whole day at church and we all had lunch together. Some ladies had stayed at church all night cooking and preparing for the 3rd. We really praise the Lord for the team work displayed, and lots of ministry gifting which was exhibited on that day. 

Above are the kids during their Sunday school with their teacher Nakaye (God has blessed us with a huge Sunday school). Below was during lunch time. 

Above are the ladies serving the food. They worked so hard. Our ministry has very few essentials such as plates, chairs etc, but village people were willing to lend us these things for free. We only bought food and drinks. 
As you will notice in the picture below, our church still faces the major problem of men not coming to church (most women’s husbands are unsaved). Actually, some are lost in witchcraft. However, on the Family Day, we had a few men show up to worship with us, and they were also able to stay for the workshop time. During that time, the question that most ladies raised was ‘how do we convince our husbands to come to church?’ Actually, we had one lady testify that she convinced her husband to come. But as they were on the way to church, he changed his mind and went back home. 

The ministry of the Bible distribution
Mugura Francis, whom you have seen in a few newsletters before, met the Lord when he had been lost in satanic worship. Before he could understand what it was about, he found a shrine at their home. His father was a witch, and hence Mugura also took up this practice; until he heard the gospel and received Jesus as his Saviour. Then he stopped calling upon the demons of the dead and introducing others into witchcraft. He is now working hard, meeting people in gardens and sharing the good news of Jesus. He also takes Bibles from here to his fellow Christians (people who may have never have had the opportunity to get Bibles). When we met Mugura he was a drug addict and an alcoholic, and we prayed with him and all his family. We encouraged him to get a Bible for himself and his wife. They are now serving the Lord in the village where they live. 
Below is Mutabazi and his wife Wesibadde. They are pastoring a church far from us, and have been keen partners in helping many of their church members to get Bibles. When their people need Bibles, they call us, and we deliver them right to their church. 

The ministry of the Bible has really been of great blessing to all people here; both Christians and even non-Christians. Recently we had Kiyingi get a bible from us. He is a staunch Muslim in our community, and told us how he reads his Bible in secret. When we met him he had many questions, and we took him through the gospel of John every Thursday evening. Most of his questions were answered, and he can now study the Bible by himself. Isn’t that a special blessing!
As it says in 1 Timothy 4 - 'Immerse yourself...' How can people immerse themselves in the teaching of our God when they have no access to the scriptures? We were approached  by a church elder who had a Bible with ripped off pages. He told us about how he had tried to get a Bible, but all was in vain. But his venture to get a Bible was answered when he met us, and we were able to provide him with one.
We therefore ask for your great support in this ministry. When you support us, you enable us to assist many other fellow brethren who have a passion to serve God, but don't always have the resources.
Discipleship trainings
These have started at high schools, and at our village church . This time around many church members have joined. There are so many questions believers have raised in the course of this training. Some of the questions are really hard to answer, and only God can answer them in their walk with Him. For example we had a few members ask a question, “Why are some Christians still struggling with satanic forces”? We have decided not to answer some questions straight away, because we know they will be answered in the course of their learning.

We have come to realise that these discipleship trainings are very crucial. We are still hoping to be joined by other church members, and also pastors from other ministries who need this training. Once we have finished a full course, each attendee will get a certificate, as you have seen from our previous trainings. We counsel these students, encourage them, and pray for them each time we meet with them. 
As we shared with you, our discipleship sessions are evangelistic in nature. We have had many students giving their lives to Jesus. We also take time to pray with them if they come to us with a concern that needs prayer. We have seen many of them now joining other Christian students and sharing the Word together. Others are now serving the Lord in their home churches. We can’t fail to thank God for such an accomplishment. 

Please consider praying for
1.      Provision for Bibles - Luganda, Rukiga, and English languages.
2.      Provision of a Sunday school shelter.
3.      Financial provision for the ministry.
4.      Discipleship trainings currently in progress.

April 2019

We hope you had a good Easter season. We always praise the Lord for watching over you and keeping you by His grace.

Our Easter went well. We had a great time worshipping our Saviour Jesus Christ. Pastor Simon took us through the gospel of Luke 24:18…, explaining to us the purpose of Easter: ‘We see many people at Easter carrying images that portray the death of Jesus, with sad faces portraying sorrow; but as true regenerated Christians, the death of Jesus brings us joy, and His resurrection comes with eternal hope that He will raise us up again to live with Him forever’. Our church was full.

Josephine and Reste, who along with their families had been attending churches in Kampala, have decided to become members of our church. It is 30km from Kampala to Mpigi where we are, and for a Ugandan without a car, it is a long distance to have to go by taxi, and can take a lot of time. However they say they had looked around and had failed to find a local church with sound doctrine. After attending our church for two Sundays, they made up their mind to join us (they came to know about our church after making inquiries from a church member we have been praying with). These two ladies have not come alone to seek God; they have come with all their kids and family members - except their husbands who are still far from God. Josephine bought an African drum for the church to use during worship.

At this point, we can say ‘praise God!!' This church is taking roots in the lives of people in this community, but it has not been a smooth road. As you have been following our ministry updates, our community -generally the Mawokota region - have a number of people who are so much involved in demonic worship. A few weeks ago, there were two village families accused of bringing in witchcraft that left two people dead. The local defense, together with village people, brought in what they called a superior witchdoctor to take demons from these families that had killed two people. You can’t imagine the chaos there was in our village.  The village people wanted to kill the other family! Very sad story.

As a church, we had previously been to share the gospel with the family of Nankya; but she had rejected the good news. After the accusations against her mentioned above, I went with Proscovia from our church.  We found Nankya in tears as she told us “I was nearly killed”. I could not wait any longer, I led her to Christ. She received Jesus, along with other ladies who had come to visit her๐Ÿ˜Š. They also made a decision to come to our church, and we encouraged them to get Bibles when they come. When we see the Lord taking steps in the hearts of such people, how can we not but praise God!

At Easter, the kids watched THE PASSION OF CHRIST movie in our living room. The Sunday school kids still meet on our porch when there is no rain, or not too much sunshine; otherwise they meet in our home. We still trust the Lord for provision to build them a shelter which we can also use as a storeroom for the church items. Nakaye, one of the Sunday school teachers, has done a great work with the kids. Now we hear some of the kids praying and singing in the church.

Sunday school kids in our living room

Last Friday, five high school students graduated from our discipleship training, after completing a ten session course in the gospel of Mark. At the beginning we had 12 students, but as the course went on some of them dropped out. Those who were patient to the end of the course wrote a one page testimony, some of which we will include in the May newsletter. On Sunday we had 4 village people, from our church and other churches, also being given certificates from the same training

High school students at discipleship training

Joyce’s water borehole is finished. Joyce is one of the ladies from our church who turned to Jesus for refuge after a long period of being involved in witchcraft. She has very interesting testimonies. Satan had held her in bondage for a long time. Also, she is one of the beneficiaries of the pig project we run from our farm, and her piglet looks beautiful.

Celebrating completion of borehole
Having water nearby will help her to look after her piglet(s).  We are still encouraging other single mothers to build their pigsties and have maize feed, so that we can give them a free piglet. Many community members near Joyce's place have got good access to that borehole water. This saves them having to go long distances to fetch water. 

Borehole outside Joyce's home

The piglets we gave to different ladies are being taken good care of and they are growing well. We now have three pigs ready to give birth, and today one black pig give birth to four little white ones (photo below). It is from these ones that other village ladies will be gifted their piglets this month.

Cute little piglets

In May we will be having an evangelism outreach on Buyiga Island on Lake Victoria. You probably remember that this mission had failed some time ago. So, I received another call from the brethren there, and again they invited our ministry to go and share the gospel. We got to know these brethren because they come to our home to get Bibles for their congregations, and this time we have Bibles to take to them. We will do evangelism, Jesus Film movie, and training. We are very thrilled about this mission, we can’t wait. 

May the Love and comfort of our Lord Jesus Christ that supersedes human comprehension be with you all.

Please join with us in prayer for:
1. Sunday school shelter 
2. Ministry land
3. The Gospel mission to Buyiga in May
4. Ministry provision
5. God to continue changing the hearts of our village people through the Gospel

March 2019 news

Uganda is fine, except that we have had a long dry season. We haven’t had the rain that we thought we would get. Dust is everywhere, and it is hot here with 270C. That may not seem so hot for many of you, especially when we live near the equator; but for us it feels very hot.

Meeting with pastors in Western Uganda

This month has been one of the busiest months for us; almost no rest. On 9th -10th March, we travelled to Western Uganda to the district of Kyegegwa to meet with church leaders. This is one of the districts with many refugees from Kigali, Congo and Rwanda. It is a remote area, and we had to drive over 20 km from the Mubende-Kasese Main road. I went with Koki and Pr. Geoffrey; pastors who were thrilled to have us take our ministry there.  Some of the pastors who attended our one day conference were pastoring Churches in these refugee camps.

Alex was speaking about church planting and the joy of in-depth Bible reading. Simon and I have known Koki for close to 5 years, and I (Alex) was pleased to serve with him. It was a pleasure to catch up again. We will be hosting him and his family this Sunday at our church, as he will be preaching about ‘God’s design plan for marriage’. It was unfortunate that we could not take a box of Bibles; as the Bible Society (which publishes and circulates Bibles across Uganda) had run out of stock. We hope they will have them by April or May this year. Most believers say there is no easy access to Bibles in this region.

The building below is a church where we met. We will be having another ministry opportunity with this village church again, and we plan to take them Bibles, as this is one of their greatest needs. Another real need is for Bible ministry training; and we believe that God has called us to reach out to such churches in order to train them for church ministry. We consider that Bible training ministry is very essential; especially in remote village churches where many pastors haven’t been to Bible training colleges. 

We then headed to Fort Portal, and then through to Kasese. We enjoyed driving for 72km around the beautiful scenery of Rwenzori mountain ranges; which are also called the 'mountains of the moon' in Uganda.

After ministry in Kyegegwa, on 15th, I picked up Stanley from Gaba, Kampala. He wanted to see us and find out what we are doing. We heard that he was back from NZ where he had been doing studies. Stanley is now doing orphanage ministry in Mombasa- Kenya with a charitable organization. 

Meeting with Stanley

Stanley also had an opportunity to meet our high school youths and interact with them. It’s a group of six students, and we use Christianity Explored materials. 

We are now on the last session of Christianity Explored before we finish. Simon is working on certificates which we will be giving to each student who completes the course. The graduation will also include the village people who use Christianity Explored Luganda materials -- although they have been slow to finish. 

After returning back from the meeting in Kyegegwa, Simon also had to head to Busia in Eastern Uganda with Jovia and Koki.  They went and returned on the same day. Their main theme was to encourage Pastors to read the Bible; since this is their role and responsibility as church leaders.

Borehole project

We want to thank you so much for praying for the borehole project. As a ministry we thought it would be a great idea for our community to have a borehole for the supply of water. The six men are doing a great job at Joyce’s home where it is being dug. This great work is being done by MISSION WATER. They have already reached the water level, so we think this week they will finish. Then our community will have easily accessible water. Our community is very happy and they can’t wait for it to be finished. In the middle of the picture is Simon helping on the community borehole.

We were very happy to see some of these drilling men show up at church to worship with us. Kamukama, who is one of the workers, gave his life to Jesus. What a blessing to do such a good work from a heart that has been regenerated by the working hand of God, and flows out with charitable works!

The picture below was taken during a Sunday service when we were praying for the Sunday school – as it is our routine. We also had a dedication of Zainah’s two weeks old baby boy, along with Deo; the grandfather to the baby. This is now the fifth baby to be born in our church family. We have a saying in one of our local dialects, ‘emiti emito gyigumiza ekibira’. Translated it means: 'Young trees in the bush make it thicker in the future'. The application of this saying is that, babies/young kids will maintain the future church in a more glorious state.   Therefore, we must care for them, and bring them up in a Godly way that will stimulate them to do God’s work when they grow up. As you have always seen, our Sunday school is growing. They normally meet at our house porch. The rainy season is now on, so we don’t know where they will be meeting. Pray for a shelter for the school Sunday. 

Our prayer requests 

  • Please pray for graduation of high school discipleship students, and also those are on village trainings at our church. We would like this to be done early April. High school students are on last session to finish.
  • Pray for ministry provision as there is a great need for a Sunday school shelter.
  • Pray also for ministry land

May love be with you all in Christ Jesus. Amen.

Alex and Simon

February 2019 News

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”  Matthew 28:19-20       

This command and promise to all Christians has been very significant for us. It’s exciting when you are able to go to all peoples and share the Good News with them; even when they may not necessarily like what you're doing. We have had a wonderful time sharing the gospel.

This month we had scheduled a meeting with Jalia’s husband. We talked about Jalia and her husband in our last month's report. The meeting went well. Our meeting was specifically to share the gospel with her husband who is a Sheik at three Mosques in our district. Our meeting has been delayed for many days due to the fact that we have had many other responsibilities to attend to. We went with a few church members and after looking for about ten minutes, we found him digging in the sugar-cane garden. We had been calling and whistling through the bushes; listening for a response. Finally he came through the tall; thick sugar-canes, with his panga (African long and heavy knife) and stick in his hands, and with his dog following him.

He welcomed us in his grass thatched house which he set up in his garden for shelter. Male shared with him his testimony about how God saved him from witchcraft and all satanic worship. This Muslim man was surprised that we could burn such satanic things through Jesus’ name. In his words he said “For me, I cannot tamper with Satan to burn the things used in his worship”. After this I took him through the gospel of John 1:11-13 and 1John 1:7-10

He was not argumentative as you know most Sheiks would be. By the time we had finished, ten more ladies and men had joined us. Some of them were fellow Muslims that go to the same Mosque he leads. None of them were aggressive to the gospel presentation. After we shared the gospel, they asked us to pray for them; although no one came to Jesus. We were very thankful to God for a friendly atmosphere where we could share His Word with people who don’t believe that Jesus is the Son of God; but who were still willing to listen.
We thank the Lord for the ladies and men who are becoming gospel focused in this ministry, and willing to reach out to the lost in our community. I have habitually heard some ladies say ‘This year, I want to serve the Lord faithfully’. This statement rejuvenates us. These are ladies who were strongly involved in witchcraft, and now the Lord is using them to serve Him. We are all the happier with what we see happening.

Ministry opportunities
Alex had a teaching engagement in our nearby village. He was invited by Pishon River Church to preach there; and it went well. (Photo below) The session started in the evening because most of the churchgoers have to work in the gardens in the morning. The congregation liked Alex's teaching; and after he had finished, they decided to invite us as a ministry to run a program where we will give them more teaching. They will soon confirm when that will be.
Consider praying for us, that God will give us wisdom, and that we impact the lives of these village churches.

Alex also had a preaching engagement in a Kampla city suburb church. (Photo below) He was invited by our fellow brother in Christ, Pastor Oyeti, who with his dear wife and two kids is serving the Lord in this Church. We had a great time at what is only a newly planted church. After about 20 minutes of preaching, it started to rain. I tried to compete with heavy rain sounds on the roof, but it was impossible. Therefore, we had to wait about 40 minutes, after which we carried on preaching.

High school Youth Ministry and village trainings
These trainings have resumed, and we hope by the end of March to be graduating those who will have completed the Christianity Explored series. Some of the participants are really doing well, and are growing spiritually through these Bible programs. You would be surprised if I read for your some of their responses. For example; Kagwa Deo, who is in a village program, is ahead of the most participants. His reading and explaining the Bible is improving greatly; and when he is sharing the Word, there is a strong motive and passion in his heart. 

Children serving the Lord at our Church
You should hear the wonderful praise and worship that comes from the mouths of the kids below. Nakaye who leads them has been doing a great work with these village kids. And guess what? We will have a vibrant choir in the coming years.

The kids below come very early every Sunday to set up the church for worship.They love to serve the Lord in this way. When they are done, we have a cup of tea and breakfast together with them. Gloria is not in the photo, but she is part of the team.  We love them, and encourage them to love God. Their parents did not know God, but some of them do now. 

Solar powered lighting for our Church
This month, we were able to purchase a solar panel for church lighting. We have been using kerosene lamps and candles during our evening prayer meetings; especially when we were delayed and it got dark. Sometimes there was no way you could read. It has been a long time that we have been praying and trusting the Lord for this provision; and eventually the Lord responded ๐Ÿ˜Š No more darkness now. 

We want to thank the Lord that He is growing this church ministry in many ways. At least once a week we get testimonies from people about how this church has reached out to them or their families. Despite the fact that we live amongst many people who don’t want to go to church; there is also a large group of people who love our work here and who consistently encourage us. 

Prayer request:
 1. We are planning to have a women's conference before May. Please pray about it.
 2. Pray that this ministry will impact the lives of many people in this village.
 3. That the Lord will supply support for this ministry.
 4. Pray for women in our Lungala Community Bible Church to continue to be zealous in serving
         the Lord. 
     5. Pray for the kids serving at our Church, that they will become strong Christians as they grow
         up, and that they will be a witness to their families.

Thank you for your ongoing interest and support,

Alex and Simon

January 2019 News

Psalm 98:1-4  A Psalm. Oh sing to the LORD a new song, for he has done marvelous things! His right hand and his holy arm have worked salvation for him. 2 The LORD has made known his salvation; he has revealed his righteousness in the sight of the nations. 3 He has remembered his steadfast love and faithfulness to the house of Israel. All the ends of the earth have seen the salvation of our God. 4 Make a joyful noise to the LORD, all the earth; break forth into joyous song and sing praises!

As a ministry, we want to thank the Lord God Almighty for the great things He has done in 2018. As the Psalmist has put it – He has done, and will continue to do great things, especially saving people and showing us His righteousness, and His steadfast love and faithfulness. Therefore we joyfully give thanks to the Lord for the people that He saved last year, and we still trust that He will continue to save more people this year, and faithfully lead them through life. 

Please join with us as we praise Him for what He has done over the past few years; and also join with us in prayer that He will continue to draw people to Himself this year.

This morning at 4:10am Male’s wife Babirye gave birth to a baby boy๐Ÿ˜Š According to Male she got labor pains at midnight. It was dark and there was no transport available. They waited up to 4:00am, but it got worse. Male called us, and Alex went to save her. I arrived with the motor bike, and we were trying to carry her and put her on; but that's when she started to give birth. She was screaming in the dark and gave birth right on the roadside. I had to leave them there and drive off to look for a qualified nurse. This was not an easy experience for me. Most clinics were closed, but finally I found one. They were checked, and later I took them to the hospital for the baby to be immunized. They are now in good condition. 
Below is an old photo of Simon; Male; Babirye; and their other child.

Above is Henry with his family. We knew Henry before we went to Bible College, and we have known Deborah since 2009 when we were living with Dean and Sherrilyn in Ruwero district (Uncle Dean and Madam). So they have been very close friends. Henry has been a pastor for some good time, even when he was still in Uganda, and they were great encouragement to our church. Henry is now pastoring a church in Abu Dhabi. He also works there and comes to Uganda once in a while. It was great hearing from him how Christianity is going in such an Islam country. He said that if someone is convicted of sharing the gospel in United Arab Emirates he could face life imprisonment. Henry says that when they are sharing the gospel, they have to be very careful.

Above is Deborah ministering to the kids at our church. This was a second time she has visited our church, and she was very happy to see that the ministry has grown from what she had previously seen. 

A new local program; Community enhancement
This is an income support program for our community. It is a well-developed strategy where widows and single mothers are given piglet(s) from our farm.

How is this done?
The committee singles out a particularly needful person (single mother or widow) who will be faced with the challenge of constructing a pig sty with their own resources, and buying at least one sack of maize flour to feed the piglets.  We will give each needy person a free piglet from our farm, and we will follow up to see its growth.

How we got to the place of being able to do this
Alex and Simon have become experienced pig-farmers over the last three years while we have been in Mpigi district.  As you well know, we operate farming alongside pastoring this community church; and also taking spiritual oversight in other community organization programs. This means we can help people with advice in pig rearing. We will help them with simple treatment skills and vaccination. I and Simon normally want to do things simple but unique. We have a saying here, which we think relates very much with this topic of enabling single mothers and widows make an income - “Omumpi wakoma wakwata” - which translated means - “Where a short man touches, is where he reaches. Application -‘In our small capacity as the Lord leads us, we will try to stand with these mums’. There are mothers out there who love the Lord and would do a lot more if they had some income to enable them.  Our piggery farming has been great in supporting this ministry. We think it will be a great supporting tool to economically empower these mothers.

Further updates about Harriet
Her health has greatly improved, and her spiritual life has also grown. This month she received a Bible from us, and when we went to encourage her and pray together, we found her reading it. She was very encouraged to own a Bible; she had never had a one before. She is now strong enough to walk for some short distances and to do some house work. You may remember from our May and June Newsletters last year that she gave her life to Jesus after having spent a long time in witchcraft. When we met her she could not walk; she could not even attend to her garden. With the other ladies in the church we threw away all the things she had got from witchdoctors and since then her life has changed.

Our Monday evangelism
We met Namyange Jalia (Jalia’s husband is a Sheik at three Mosques in our Mpigi district. A Sheik is someone who teaches and leads Muslim rituals in Mosques). Simon and I have known this family for two years now. While we were sharing the gospel with her, she told us that she had always wanted to come to our home and let us know that she wanted to know more about Christianity and our farming project. In the course of us sharing the gospel with her, and of her reading the Bible, she finally said she wanted to receive Jesus as her personal Saviour. However, she did this in secret as it is life threatening for her. She asked us to arrange a meeting with her husband and share the same message with him. Unless her husband comes to Jesus, her salvation and prayer time has to be kept secret. She says that if other Moslems came to know she has received Jesus, they will attack them and cause a great injury to her family.

We wish to remind you again to rejoice in the Lord for the great salvation he has endowed on His chosen ones.

Prayer requests
  1. Provision for ministry and Bibles
  2. That Male's wife Babirye and her baby will continue to improve
  3. Provision for graduating high school students and village discipleship attendees
May the endless Love of God be with you.

Alex and Simon