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On the 5th to 9th May Proclaim-Africa hosted the Pastors couple conference at Rest gardens Bweyogerere. In this conference even though some of the staff were not married we had to be there because we are the organizers and making sure that the conference goes on well. However some of the topics that were tackled had much in helping us who are looking to marriage in the future.

Some of the topics that were preached included Pastoring Couples with managing their finances, Glorifying God in marriages, facing Adversity in life and ministry, Devotions on Titus each morning, Praying couples, Glorifying God in our ministry partnership, Glorifying God in our families.

This conference was attended by 96 Pastors and their wives who came from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. During this time we were able to hear testimonies like Joan from Jinja who had attended a conference in 2013 where by during that time her marriage was on the rocks,  she could not forgive her husband and felt in some ways that there was no love between the two of them and yet this was spilling over to some of the believers in the church.  After the 2013 conference she went back home and put into practice some of what she was taught during the times of teaching.   Even though she did not manage to bring husband to this years conference, after a complete change and healing in her marriage, her husband promised to support her financially to attend the annual conference that we organize.

The other testimony was that of Ann Katungwensi, who has learnt how to minister to girls in Bishop Balaam university in Kabale Western Uganda and Angela Musasizi (wife to Canon Musasizi) in Mityana who has been encouraged in many ways by these conferences on how to serve with her husband
- it is common in Africa to find pastors who are doing counseling without their wives simply because their wives do not know that they have to be part, a good number of pastors also are not in a holy matrimony and some have more than one wife. Some pastors are simply care free to their wives and in such cases their wives even go to a different church. Such cases and more like these are very common.     These are some of the reasons why Proclaim-Africa hold such conferences once a year to help the church ministering family in Africa to overcome such problems by the authority of the Scriptures
One person wrote “Change Uganda from your village”. both Alex and I find this applicable and meaningful. Our government can’t change unless our villages, families, husbands and wives are changed by the Gospel.      Please continue to Pray for this great initiative and ministry we are involved in. Pray that God will touch and change families Himself.