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Bible gifts to the people of Rakai District on 4th-5th July 2015

This is one of the districts in Uganda close to Lake Victoria at the extreme south eastern part. This area has many groups of people: a cross East Africa (this contributes to diversity of languages spoken here). Narrowing down divergence of this area, our mission was to visit two local churches. We gave out bibles to Kakoma church  believers and some other fellowship groups books. The number was overwhelming as you will see in the photos. We had many children yet materials for children were very few, although some at least go something.
We want to thank those that donated the funds for their love and great zeal to support this church by donating to them a lot of money which we used to bible these bibles. A few people in some of the areas off Kampala may not be able to afford to buy good translated bibles. So, thank you for thinking about these people in Rakai. May the Lord bless you.
There is a great hunger for more bibles, we could not meet the capacity; nevertheless we trust the LORD that He will provide and we go back again. When believers don’t read the bible and pray through it, there is no way you can ever expect revival in that society. So having such an opportunity from Uncle Dean and Madam we cannot take that for granted. The Word of God stimulates the faith of believers.
We had missioners from Tanzania who had come to minister at Kakoma church. We had a real African praise for some of you who have ever been to a village African church, where prayer is not limited by time. Here in Kampala Sunday services are always limited by time unlike in the village. We started at 9:00 Am and finished at 3:00Pm. Dr. Lazarus preached (we had two preachers, one from Tanzania and Dr. Lazarus). I, Simon and Marthar we worked on giving out the bibles and registering their names.
At 4:00Pm we had to go to the Mityebire church where we were in the previous mission to meet the group of believers who had received Jesus and some who had re-committed themselves to Jesus; to strengthen them. However there was miss-communication after they had waited us for a long time and we could not meet them. But we were able to meet a few individuals on personal contact. We prayed with them and read scripture together: Mrs. Lois ministered to children in the village and she is greatly gifted in the children and also in married couples. She encourages lots of couples.  
I thank God for Isha; formally a Muslim girl who gave her life to Jesus. She received the bible and she affirms that she is now part of the body of the church and reads her bible as well. 

·         Please pray for this girl and the Mityebire church. This church has controversial eldership committee which hinders its progress systematically.
·         Pray that God will provide so that we go back this time with more bibles to meet this need. 

Below:- Bibles to Rakai District Church