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June 2017 Ministry Update

Dear brethren - we glorify our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ as we share with you what He has done in Lungala Bible Ministries-Uganda.

We always want to share with you what the Lord taught us in the course of the month. Acts 16:1-5. “... As they went on their way through the cities, they delivered to them for observance the decisions that had been reached by the apostles and elders who were in Jerusalem. So the churches were strengthened in the faith, and they increased in numbers daily”.  

As we were studying this text above in our church prayer meetings, we discovered that church planting can’t happen unless there is deep adherence to sound preaching/teaching of the Word and putting it in practice. There will be more converts as a result of those who have heard His word and seek to obey it through evangelizing to others. This will lead to a strong ministry as Timothy Keller puts A full confidence and rich grasp of the authority and inspiration of the bible is absolutely crucial for a sustained, life changing of the Bible teaching and preaching

Recently Alex was invited to a church leaders' prayer meeting in Kampiringisa village. It was a good ministry opportunity. He also had to give out ESV Study Bibles to these church leaders. They were so happy. Alex is on the extreme left on the first photo. Alex gave an exposition on Ecclesiasts 12:9-11. He challenged them to be consistent Bible readers as church leaders and to use these study Bibles as an extra study source.

The lady with a baby (in the photo) in her testimony said she has done a bible group and called it ‘Bible Operation Wembley’. She says this to encourage believers who have no bibles to get one.
Although as I talk now, we don’t have any left. Please donate towards this project so that we buy more bibles as we are overwhelmed by the demand. Bibles continue to be a challenge to get. We normally get 1-2 boxes of Luganda bibles and 3-5 boxes of English bibles. We still trust the Lord for more support in bible ministry. Just to let you know that a local language version of bible would cost $12-$15 approximately. This is a lot of money for a village person to get and as a result many Christians may never own a bible.


As few days ago we visited two  families during their fasting period. They were at first resistant but later they accepted us to share with them the gospel. Through this evangelism, there are people who have given their lives to Jesus this month.    We only need bibles to give to these new converts. Left is a photo of a prayer night meeting in our community.

Thank you for praying Proscovia (left). She is now well and her daughter is too. Proscovia had malaria and serious health complications. We took her for medication and the Lord has restored her health.

This is Alex with high school students. The students went on a break so we had a few weeks to rest. However we have started again and the classes are going well. We focus on finishing the lessons this
term. We praise the Lord for the way these students have been impacted. Some of these students are Roman Catholic, Anglicans and born again students. We use this as evangelistic tool to reach out to them.  When we finish the lessons, we normally do a small thanks giving meeting where we reward each student a gift to encourage them (graduate). Please pray for provision for this youth ministry.

Our dear friend Paul Kavuma and his wife Jordan with the other believers putting up one of the 2 sign posts.    It was great hosting them for three nights, they greatily encouraged us spiritually. Last Sunday a new believer joined our church after having got directions from the sign posts on a Sunday morning.

It’s a joy to see all the 13 students in this class growing in knowing God’s word and understanding some of the fundamental about our Christian faith. Each
one of them is involved in a ministry in their local churches. We are also memorizing scriptures as a way of drawing them to the Bible daily reading.


This service is meant to thank God for how far He has brought us and where He is taking this ministry. If you’re in Uganda, don’t miss it please come & let’s give God the glory He deserves. There will be preaching of the word and commissioning of the community church.

                  Our project is doing well. Our four Month chickens have 
grown Although they haven’t laid eggs yet

Ø  Pray for 12th August event to go well.
Ø  Pray for ministry minded leaders.
Ø  Pray for financial provision.
Ø  Bibles

Alex and Simon (Uganda, Africa).