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September 2017 Newsletter

We hope that God has continually showed His love. As our custom, we usually want to share with you a reading of the month or sometimes a touching article from any of reading. Isaiah 41:8-9
“But you, Israel, my servant, Jacob whom I have chosen, the offspring of Abraham my friend, You whom I have taken hold of from  the ends of the earth, and called from its corners, and said to you, ‘You are my servant, I have chosen you and not cast you a way”
The Lord has been good to this ministry.   On high hills and valleys, the Lord has not left His work that He does daily in this ministry. As the verse above says, He has not cast His people away.  His hand is evident in all corners.

After the inaugural service event we had on August 12, two people reached out to us. Let us share about one, “Fred whom we met when this ministry started; had been born again for over three years. He had never got a zeal to buy a bible nor to study it. He says after meeting us, that is when he felt a desire for a Bible, to own one, read it and obey it. He said, this did not leave him the same, he has experienced the comfort of God through the life on loneliness and distrustful life he had been walking over past years. He said that in tears. That we helped him to observe God's word and hence feeling the comfort of God).

Fred in the photo had been to most witch doctors, he was looking for help yet at the same time he was in church.  He got tired of them and all his money was gone. He left them when the last one asked him to show his palm so she could see the past. And she told Fred that “I see your mother died” BUT Fred's mother is alive. This angered Fred and stayed heart broken until when we met him and for all this time, God has been rebuilding his heart.
Here we were clearing the bushes, from the side of the track that leads to church,together with other church members.
Now, to be honest with you that testimony was humbling to us! - who are we! For us we are just small boys doing God's work in the village! We didn’t know that there was a broken heart waiting for comfort since we started this ministry! As time goes on, we will ask him to write his testimony in full and you can have it. There are many more similar cases are many in African churches (syncretism). We will continue this work as the Lord enables us to reach out to His.

We have been praying for university ministry, and the Lord opened one this month. Simon is mainly the spear head for this youth movement. It was such a joy for this vision casting meeting. Thirty students turned up for the meeting and 17 enrolled for the program.
The vision of this project is to extend our ministry activities to the university students and the youth, with the aim to make them Christ’s ambassadors in their future work places and to be involved in serving the Lord in their home churches.

Project definition for youths in this ministry:
It is of the fact that Uganda has 85 percent youth according to the national statistics, when this is realized it is upon us a Christian organization to empower these youth to be able to take on the mantle. If the church doesn’t take on this call we are facing a tragedy of the church dying with the old generation. The project is aiming at overcoming this problem.
This project will be running during the two semesters in the year and will be enrolling students from all the nearby compasses. And some non-schooling youths who might be interested. This program will be conducted in English.

1.    Strictly Campass Crusade materials
2.    Inviting 1 to 2 public speakers each month when we can afford it.
3.    One outreach each month.
4.    We will be doing one lesson each meeting in one week.
The meetings will be taking place at different school premises.
Responsibilities:                                                        Objectives for this program
-          Evangelism and Discipleship                                      -  How to read the Bible
-          Christian in market place                                            -  Discovering your gifts
-          Servant leadership                                                      -  Assurance of salvation
-          Inviting the speakers

In Africa we have a proverb ‘Emiti emito je' gikuma ekibira' easily translated as ‘Young trees keep the forest'. Similarly, youths are the next generation. They are church/ politician leaders of tomorrow. So, when God helps us to reach out to them, we are building a firm generation.

High school ministry will be starting soon. The students have been on break and most of them are returning from home to school. Once they are settled, we resume.

Alex was invited to preach in youth conferences. The first meeting there was not a good turn up – 3 students gave their lives to Jesus.

The next one, where I spoke after lunch time. The turn up was tremendous. I was invited to speak to this one two times. It was for three days. The Lord blessed their lives through His word.
Lungala Community Bible Church is daily growing. As you saw in the last report, we have a permit for the church, and now we have a bank account for the church. We have also been able to have the Tin number for the ministry.

These seem easy to communicate, but it has been a tag of war. Only the Lord could help us overcome those documents. Now, what that means is that, if you ever feel volunteering with us, the government would easily give you work permit. Or if you ever feel donating anything to the ministry, you will find it easier. We praise God for this.

Bellow is Mrs. Who turns up early morning to dig around the church.  We met her through evangelism. She was an unbeliever, now a Christian zealous for God's work. Her husband and all family members not saved. She needs prayers in her family that God will open their eyes.

After getting herself a new bible. She had never had one. She now attends all fellowships and Sundays.

On the left, she had come early morning to clean around the church.

In this month Simon had Malaria. He was tested positive but he was able to get medication right a way. He is now well. But Malaria continues to be a challenge in our area.

We plan to have an event on 23rd/December 2017. Please pray that it will go well. The card for invitation is on left.

It’s at this time that we remember your brother Daniel and you wife Renee, together the whole of your family. As your brothers in Africa, we are continually interceding on your behalf that His glory and beauty will hold your hearts in the midst of adversity as a family (Psalm 55:22).

We thank you all people who wilfully reads our reports and all your encouragements, we too have never forgotten you in our prayers.

Please pray for
December 23th event (Christmas in the village)
Lungala Community Bible church sustainability
Continuous provision for bibles
Pray For God’s grace on us

In the Lamb
Simon and Alex (Uganda-Africa).