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May 2018 News

I will extol you, my God and my King, and bless your name forever and ever. Every day I will bless you and praise your name forever and ever. Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised, and His greatness is unsearchable. 
Notice the Psalmist begins with praising the Lord; supposedly for the great mighty things that God has done in the history if Israel. The Lord has been working for His children until today :for all who have faith in Him.  Psalm 145:1-5
As a ministry, we have (since it started) seen God work things that no man could have worked. We will bless and praise His name forever and ever. 
This month, Alex was given an invitation to Isingiro (South Western Uganda, Close to Tanzania) in a Youth conference. This is one of the mountainous regions in Uganda. It took four hours in a bus to Mbarara town. After that, Alex had to get on a tax (Corona car) to drop him at Kaberebere trading centre. He sat with six people in the behind seat and four in front seat 😊In order to have more room for seats, for men were supposed to hold or become seats for that moment. 
From there, he got on a motor Bike/Boda boda, which was sent by the church leader who was hosting him; who drove for one hour as they went up hillsThere places where we had to give motor Bike a push in order to go up! We fell off two times because the rider was putting gear one to stiff places. Fortunately no one was seriously hurt. It was a tiresome trip on so rough mountainous roads. Most people there are farmers, they rear mostly cows and plant green bananas (a lot of yellows bananas).  
The rider was such a brave man, there are stiff places you can hardly get on. I reached when it was becoming dark, evening hours, when we were on top of very hills and mountains. Most people in this region live up hills, not in low lands as we see in Kampala. And the altitude there is high. The church members welcomed me and obviously a cup of tea was brought. 
We had to get up early morning, the sessions were done interchangeable, all day. 
was to teach on the topic of “How to read the Bible”. A good number of them came, from different churches in the region. Most churches had sent their youth leader representatives. After my talk, the church held a leaders’ meeting where they had to ask me questions such as “How can we determine a wrong bible and a valid one?” Some of you who have been following News in Uganda, you remember a well-known City pastor who burnt Good News Bibles, NIV etc. After explaining why some bibles don’t have certain verse, (not squared up), they wished we could have conferences on hermeneutics.
After one hour of the meeting, most of their questions were salved and others tackled but not resolved because time was short.”
The youth leaders had a strong concern about this. Actually one speaker in the conference had already told one of the attendees that his bible was invalid (Good News Bible). Alex had to stand out and correct him immediately.  Actually after the conference, Alex has been put on the speakers of August conference in this same region. That means they will hold a similar conference in August. 
It was a blessing ministering to the Lord with these enthusiastic young strong youths. One main concern that I noticed which still disturbs our church in Uganda is lack of bible training as said aboveWhen you’re here in Kampala/trained you think that all is well in God’s church in the country, not until you go there and meet leaders. There is great need to train church leaders. 
One of the speakers was giving HIV awareness to the youths, unfortunately him and his wife have HIV. They got it before they were saved. He shared his pain of taking tablets, there was silence in the church. It was a sad moment. 

After the conference, 10 youths had come to Jesus.
The following day we had a service at church, in another location. It was a long service, people in villages start services (mostly) at 10:am and leave church around 3:00 pm to 4:00pm. It was great having such experience to. As we prayed (worshiping and praising songs) I hardly saw anyone read the bible; except citationswhich were done by the church leader
As a ministry, we are thrilled to work with such leaders and train them for effective preaching/teaching of the gospel. Our prayer and zeal now is if we could have like some of our discipleship programs go to regions like this. People is such areas hardly get bibles, much as they would want to read them. The places to get them are not easily accessible to such communities. As you pray for us, pray also for provision as a ministry. 

The schools have officially reopened, youths ministry will start soon. This will be our second last meeting with Christianity Explored Youths before we graduate these three classes, both at two high schools and University. We will gratefully appreciate your prayers. Ministries around our community takes much of our time and movements, its at this point that we want to let you know that God has heard your prayers to us concerning this. We now have a motor Bike which we can cruise around when we have travels around here. It will help us a lot. Actually the sharing of our Psalm 145:1-5 comes from this context. Running Christianity Explored Ministries in three high schools was becoming harder. But the Lord has heard our need. 
In our church evangelism outreaches;In one of our evangelism outreaches in the community, we came across Mama Harriet who was bewitched. She was sent away from most of big hospitals to go home as they couldn’t identify what the problem was with her legs. She says, she could feel something moving in her legs and weakening them so that she could not walk. 
The photo on right is a saucepan with a mixture water and local herbs, then feathers of different sorts. The witchdoctor told her that, that water could chess a way the demon disturbing her.
She was then taken to witchdoctors, who played very demonic games on her. Her life was becoming harder and that is when we meet her in her house as a church. She received the gospel and turned to Jesus. She also told us that she was given the staffs in the picture to prevent evil spirits of the dead from attacking her and that the staffs could withhold evil spirits that had held her both legs. She also had feathers from different birds. We had to destroy all this. She was filled with fear that something wrong would happen about her, we encouraged her and now she is a strong woman in the Lord, although her legs are still weak, she barely walks. The Lord has been with us as a ministry and we can’t tell all His marvelous works He has done and finish it all. There is no greater joy than this. Harriet was born from non-church  family. She is now pleased for having meet a church that loves her and her kids.  
Friend, this staff might seem easier for you to read about and see on screen, but its depths has killed and led many to hell. Through this church, we have many couples we have rescued from witchcraft. Mama Harriet was one of the choir members in some religion, but when Satan attached her, she could not trust one true God. And absolutely, reason being that she was not discipled well from the Holy Book the Bible that our God could save her. 
As we have been doing this church plant, we have come to know that most people talk about God whom they can hardly explain hence hard to trust Him when they go through life challenges. And this happens because what Africa needs now is to train preachers of the Word. We do think we have more evangelists that teachers/trained pastors in biblical theology. 
Where our new church plant is, we are surrounded by seven visible shrines (where charming and worship of satanic work is done). Its only God who will fight for this new church plant and use it to reach out to these lost families. Please keep these following items in prayer; 

➢ We still ask you to consider praying for Pastors conference
➢ Ministry Land
➢ The work of Paving church to quicken up
➢ Discipleship programs to make an impact in the youths

Alex and Simon (Uganda-Africa).