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Busia Mission Report July 2013

We left Kampala to Busia for our second mission on 10th/7/2013. From Kampala to Busia it is a 3-4 hour drive to the extreme Eastern Uganda, next to Victoria. This second mission was purposely to attend the Pastor’s meeting which took place on 11th , though we had less comments in the meeting. Later alone we were to do the follow-ups with other churches within, school evangelism, teaching in schools and possibly showing Jesus’ film. Which later worked out.

Nevertheless our coming to Busia was basically to see how the Lord would lead us to those who would be interested in learning/knowing Jesus. So, in such way, we would reach-out to them (teach and equip them for the work of evangelism either youths and elderlies).

However there was no much response in the initial days, we later left for St. John S.S. in Busia. We linked up with a student who is a chairperson for Scripture Union, and he was welcoming. He introduced us to the Patron.

We must also thank God that it was on this very that Scripture Union leaders were having a summit at that very time (God’s timing is always the perfect time). The Patron changed the program and they gave five minutes each to introduce ourselves and tell them what “PROCLAIM-AFRICA” is. The students were very happy to hear about it, its objectives and goals. Most of them were glad and we gave them our phone numbers and since then until 28th/7/2013, we have been serving in schools basing on their invitations. This is our joy to see the massage of Christ reaching out to the lost more especially the youth in general.

How the ministry went through Busia and the near-by areas:

After some churches heard about this, they even started inviting us to preach in their churches. Which we willingly did.

Two times (Sundays) I have been preaching at Rev. William’s church, (Son Rise church, Masinya). It was a great time ministering to the believers at his church. The second time I went with Pr. Wajuri, to peach and then show a movie in the same. The people really enjoyed it and many children came to Christ through it.

Simon two times he was at Luma Eastern College at the boarder of Kenya to preach. Here the majority are the Muslims. And by God’s grace 8 high school students came to Christ. The fellowship grew up in number according the report of the fellowship leader.

We (together) went to Bananda High. This school also has many Muslims. Actually I observed that they have a room where they meet as a mosque just like Christians do. We met generally students and I taught the them ‘LEADERSHIP” in a Christian perspective. We noticed that some of these students were Muslims by the way they dressed.  “This is what our students needs to hear” the Petron commented. After I had finished teaching. Two students believed Christ as their personal Saviour.

On 18th I and Pr. George left for Masinya secondary school. We found when they were ready. They had invited Primary school P6 and P7. We all converged in a tiny room (about 600-700).. I taught on Christian “LEADERSHIP” and I ended with an evangelistic call, A bout 25-30 students came to Christ.

On 19th Simon, Pr. George and I we went to St. John secondary school. We meet 400 students. I taught on “UP RIGHT LIVING ” as youths . In this topic I aimed at challenging students that we cannot have this unless they have realized that UP RIGHT LIVING comes from God first and they needed God if they are to have it. And you cannot have God unless you have Jesus as your, truth and the life.  We also showed Jesus Film summing up the whole visit. About forty students came to Christ that day.

On Sunday 21st I and Simon left to serve the Lord in different areas. Simon went to Trust S.S to preach to about 80 students. Generally all were Christians, very humble and keen listening to the Word ‘’wonderful students they were ‘’ he said. 

On 24th I and Simon went to Masinya Primary School We started off by shouting PROCLAIM-AFRICA 3X . And Simon preached to students those who were available. By 2:00pm students started coming and by 5:00pm we were about 400, filling up the whole church. Simon spoke to the students and many children came to know the Lord as their Savor after watching the movie. This was the first session which ended at 6:00pm.

The second session started off at 7;00pm. The crowd started off slowly and by 8:30 pm, there were 900-1000 people. “Most of them discrediting the Film of Jesus” most probably the Muslims, (presumptuously). However there was total calmness, we are sure that these Muslims enjoyed it though some hurling words since many of them did not desert the ground.

Simon called those who wanted to give their lives to Christ after a short speech, about 200 came to Christ. This was such an organized event. People had travelled for Kilometers to come and hear from the Lord and watching Jesus movie.

However we were let down by the power point (projector) which ran out of power. It was like 10 minutes to come to the end of the movie, then it shut down, (majority were disappointed and hurled words) but all in all we had achieved the main goal for having gone there. We are sure it is God who called them to hear His Word.

We are thankful to the Lord again for connecting us to zealous men (Mr.Norman and Mr.Ben) in this school who organized for these two events. Actually they invested their own in the kingdom of God by advertising about PROCLAIM-AFRICA as an organization that was bringing a movie to the village. May the Lord bless them for their labour and transport costs covers.

Final remarks;

We extend our thanks Eastern PROCLAIM-leaders who took an initiative to take us through Busia and travelling around it especially Pr. Wajuri Moses. He is the one that the Lord used to initiate Forward S.S ministry for us  to equip students, who were there during the first mission.

We also thank God for Pr. George for having been able to go with us to different schools and setting up the power point and explaining the core objectives of PROCLAIM-AFRICA. May the Lord bless him for that. We are thankful for the people who were welcoming to us especially pastors in Busia district, we pray that God will continue using them.

Thank you so much for most of you who prayed and supported this mission and our being in Busia.

In the Lamb;