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Mid January 2014 Alex and Simon started work with Proclaim Africa, Kampala Uganda and here are some of the ministry opportunities they will be involved in.


We had a meeting as the staff of Proclaim-Africa from 15th-16th January. We are happy that I will be walking In-depth Bible Programs (This means that i will be working alongside Mr. Alan, who basically deals with Roman Project and Colossian Challenge within Proclaim-Africa.

Then I will also be working in the central region ie. Kampala, with Methuselah Ssebagala one of the staff members. This involves equipping and training church members for church ministry.   This will also involve showing Jesus film (hopefully in the city suburb). Involve people especially university students in the Colossian challenge and Roman Project.  I will also be working at the office.

This is very interesting to me, I for thank God for this. For so long we have been praying for this (ministry). There is a lot of work to be done in the church in Uganda. We are praying that God will give us strength and financial support.


I have been assigned to work in the area of media this is to do with updating the website and the official face book page, I will also be assisting in extending the Roman project and Colossian challenge in high schools and Universities in the central region. I will be basing from the head office which is in Kampala.
I am so thank full to God for this opportunity.