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Updates of January; we (Proclaim-Africa team) left for Eastern Uganda (Busia) to graduate those who had read the book of Romans 20 times. This is basically for Roman Project. However we had also some people who had finished Colossian Challenge, this involves reading the book of Colossian 10 times. We are so thankful that many people had finished and appreciated Proclaim-Africa for their great initiative in involving people to read and interact with the Word of God
We are grateful for the people who turned up. In Busia we had 41 people.  

Mbale district 24th/Jan:

The following day we left for Mbala district. We had the attendance of 25 people. We are sorry we have no pictures for Busia and Mbale.

 Kisoro district 30th/Jan:
On… we left for Kisoro together with Dr.Lazarus and Mr. Alan.  We caught with a couple Proclaim-Africa stuff members in Mbarara town. There was a great attendance, 24 people showed up. This is a mountainous region.  You can imagine people transporting themselves from district to the other. We had one man leave Kanungu district to Kisoro district where the conference was held. We are so thankful to the Lord who touches the souls of His people and make Himself know to them through these programs.

In the middle is Bishop Cranmer Mugisha of Muhabura diocese. He was very welcoming to our team and he promised that he would get involved in Roman Project and Colossian Challenge.

Above it Simon and Mr. Alan. Mr. Alan is the Co-coordinator of Roman Project in Uganda. Behinde them is River Kajere.         

Kampala district28th/Jan:

The above are the people who turned up in Kampala. We were amazed by the testimony that people shared after a long series of reading the book of Romans. We give glory and honor to our God for all the people who managed to come.