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It is now two month since we enrolled for this great task of serving the Lord in PROCLAIM-AFRICA as staff members. Doing God’s will is always joyful no matter how hard it might be because it is always God working through us. We are so thankful to the Lord for this call and every day we seek Him alone to be glorified in everything we do.

The month of February started with a new class of church leaders in Kampala suburb that both of us Alex and Simon have to teach weekly (Thursdays) for three hours. Simon is going through the Sonship For Africa and Alex is going through with them the Book of Acts and basing on the questions and responses they must be liking it. We were introduced to this class by one of the Proclaim-Africa staff members Mr. Methuselah who is in charge of the central region. 

 This group is a growing number of a bout ten members dominated by the male. We both get together in the resource center premises which were founded by the church called KAMPALA CHURCH OF CHRIST. This is situated like 5minuts drive from the city center.

We are also spear heading in the organization of the Quarterly organized event in the year called the MEN OF HONOR PRAYER BREAK FAST this is due to take place on the 8th of March 2014. This is majorly an event for men in the church and majorly dominated by the church leaders from different denominations around Kampala. This is part of PROCLAIM-AFRICA ministries.

We are thankful to the Lord that we are getting used to the new area of residence, on the 22rd of this month were able to join the Young God Seekers (YGS) fellowship we are getting to know many people. This is not far from where we live as for now.


  • Please pray for the growth of Class members we teach in Kampala city.
  • Pray for the success of Project YHU (ministry to the youth in High schools and Universities)
  • Pray for the Men of Honor breakfast.
  • Pray for the Roman Project and Colossian challenge follow-ups.


In the Lamb;

Alex and Simon.