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Bye bye summer hallo rainy season!!

 The trainings for Pastors in Kampala has always continued every Thursdays each week and the response has always been breath taking. There are great improvements in the Media department both on the Social Media, Website and others

It is always a proclaim-Africa norm when there is a conference all the department to work together, therefore some of my tasks has been put to hold so as to get the Letters delivered to churches around Kampala city, well in simple terms I have been the “Mail boy” but only not dressed in shorts.

It has been an Easter season and here in Africa, it is indeed a big deal for all the people both believers and non-believers. One of the gates to Easter here is buying new clothes, going to churches and eating and drinking sodas in big quantities. These big days always remind us of the past when it would be the time to drink a soda in the year. Here our church was not left behind; I was privileged to be part of the organizing team for the youth event at church on Easter Sunday that got many people spend their Easter Sunday evening at church, I preached from 1Cor 15:21-22.

Am currently compiling the Jesus film quarterly report and it is getting me overwhelmed on how the Jesus film shows can gather crows in a way one could not expect. It is not to get you exited but you can’t imagine that Jesus film show cause revival in churches here, well it has got me humbled as I compile these reports from different regions of Uganda indeed the hunger is huge for the gospel.