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On Tuesday 15th April, working alongside Alan- The Romans Project Coordinator for Uganda and Dr. Lazarus (Executive Director for Proclaim-Africa) we left for Masindi.  We were going to launch Romans Project in this town. When we reached there it reminded me when I and Simon first came there with Daniel and Renee when we were going to Murchison falls. It reminded those great moments J .
On 16th our launch started off, this was mainly for church leaders. At the end of it all we had 97 all together as you see from the pictures. We were overwhelmed by the warm welcome which the people showed. They appreciated very much Proclaim-Africa’s objects towards God’s Word.     
Dr. Lazarus led the congregation in the devotion and commended them to be bible readers which would greatly change their preaching skills.

Most church leaders liked this and we had 87 who committed themselves to the reading the book of Romans 20 times. Our desire is that Christ glorified in the hearts of sinners and seeing the gospel permeating the continent of Africa and the whole World.

My observation:  One of the greatest things I noted is that the church in Uganda is still lacking preachers who have been trained in biblical sounding Theological institutions especially those that live in villages. Due to this, we find that we are lacking Christ-saturated preaching. It’s upon this that I and Simon are so thankful to God for having let us study Theology.     Thus most leaders appreciated Proclaim-Africa’s initiative to reach out to them.
On the same day, we headed off for Hoima district together with a couple which is the staff of Proclaim-Arica, we were meeting Romans Projecting members who had both completed and had not on the following day (17th). We met 10 people and at least one of them had finished. Alan rewarded him with an MP3. This couple worked had to organize for these conferences.
Their testimonies were intriguing, even those who had not finished, they had a smile of the book of Romans. There were two bible interpreters who confessed that although they are too busy with work, they will fight hard to make sure that they finish their readings on time and celebrate with others. Their lives were blessed by reading Romans.
On the same day we left for Kampala. I was so thrilled to be in this mission and seeing how people are passionate for the word of God. We praise the Lord who brought all these people and their spiritual life did not remain the same.
In the Lamb
Alex and SimonJ