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This report seeks to give comprehensive information about the Romans Project conferences that were held in Kampala 22nd, Masindi 27th and Hoima on the 29th May 2014. Romans Projects as an in-depth bible study ministry is a ministry of Proclaim-Africa under special projects department.
This ministry has been running along-side the umbrella of Romans Project international. Proclaim-Africa took on its coordination in Uganda since September 2011. This ministry has so far reached church leaders in Central region, South western, Mid-Western and Eastern parts of Uganda.
This ministry has greatly brought positive changes to many churches in Uganda. Sermons of the rural church leaders have changed, the desire to read God’s word has been growing steadily, the project has been great catalyst to unity among leaders of different churches of different Denominations like Pentecostals, Baptists, Anglicans, orthodox and Methodists.
Every one that has gone through this program has been rewarded with a certificate and an MP3 which has over 800 audio sermons ready for the Participant to listen. This program has been specifically limited to only 4 church leaders from each church and part of the Proclaim-Africa staff.
In this conference one would say that all our speakers were from our own organization and among these were Dr. Lazarus Seruyange, Mr. Allan Koki, The regional Coordinator and Mr. Sebagala Methusella.  In all these talks the church leaders were challenged to do expository teaching, reading of the bible extensively and giving more time in the preparation of their sermons. The aspect of unity and love of the people that they were called to serve was also put to emphasis. Dr. Lazarus charged the church leaders to read the text and prepare their sermons with context and called them to be the first people to experience the power of the sermon before the congregation gets to hear it.
This Conference was attended by 93 church leaders and 65 committed themselves to the Romans Project ( reading the book 20 times, hand write it, take lessons from it and preach sermons from it) it is important to acknowledge that among this congregation we had representatives from the Anglican church, Pentecostals and Baptists.
With the Team that we took to Masindi was the Roman Project Coordinator in Uganda Mr. Allan Koki and the Proclaim Africa Staff and coordinator in the Oil Region Mr. Bazale Amos and His wife Perry Bazale. The speakers were Mr. Allan and Amos Bazale. Here most of the conference activities like the MC of the conference was done by the locals themselves.  At the conference we were welcomed by the Diocesan secretary Masindi Diocece and among other dignitaries in the Anglican Church.
In this conference the attendants were introduced to Romans Project and challenged to respond to this project positively. When Mr. Allan had finished speaking all the church leaders were convinced that being faithful to the reading and preaching of the scriptures is the way to go in this region. This being a strong hold of cultic leaders called Owobusobozi, some church leaders confessed that in-depth Bible reading and study would be an ant-dote for such vulnerable region. Among the talks that were preached was Bible expository, Preaching, Sermon Preparation and others.
There was such an overwhelming turn up of the church leaders that took the number to 134 and among these were representing different Denominations like it was in Kampala conference. Over 80 people of the attendants sign up to take on the task of currying the burner of Romans project in their ministry.
After a great experience in Masindi it was time to trek to the well known city of oil. This was the second Romans Project conference in this town. Our team reached a day before the conference day so that there could be time to pray, and prepare the speakers for the conference. On the 28th it was the day for the check outs for those that has enrolled in our previous conference in April 2014.
There was a huge turn up compared to the pas conference that we had had in the same town. The conference hall was filled to capacity, 111 church leaders from different denominations came and by the time our speakers were done speaking and challenging them to embrace the Program in their ministry, over 90 people sign up the forms to read Romans 20 times hand write it and preach from it.
We curried on with the same talks in all these conferences including Hoima and the intensity of these talks could be easily witnessed from the questions they asked and the concentrations and the testimonies that they gave (the graduates) see below.
Among the 15 graduates three were given an opportunity to give a testimony of each of their experiences and these were their words.
“I had never read a book in the Bible 20 times but Romans project has just taught me how” 
“my sermons and memorizing of the scriptures have changed since I conquered my fears to sign up to do this great task of Romans Project”
“ I am going to do the same with other books since I have finished this book with such great benefits”


  • It is therefore this point that we give great thanks to our Partners Romans Project international through our Lord Jesus Christ. We thank and appreciate our regional coordinators for such great work of mobilization.
  • Great thanks to our very own speakers that spoke in all these conferences, Dr. Lazarus seruyange, Mr. Allan Koki, Mr Amos Bazale , Mr. Mathusella Sebagala and Alex Tumwesigye.

Prayer requests:
Please pray for the church leaders who sign up for Romans Project program. Pray for the follow up as our stuff gets to call them as way of following them up. Pray also the these leaders will feel the urge to extend this ministry to their congregation in the same way with the book of Colossians.
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