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The team that comprised of Simon, Alex, Alan, Dr.Lazarus and Mrs.Lois left on the 27th of October early in the morning and we reached there in the afternoon just enough time to get every thing ready for the conference the next day. The journey took about 7 hours of Drive on the Bus.

Gulu now has a new look and the District is so promising in terms of the growth of the gospel. The people are welcoming and generally there is a blowing wind of transformation in the streets of the town. On the other hand however we were able to meet some of the old students from the college and seminary. 

We got a great attendance of the conference and over 122 church leaders coming from the District of Gulu. The conference started well and the attendants were given orientations about PROCLAIM-AFRICA ministries and Great interest was shown in the In depth bible programs and 86 people signed up for the Romans project, the congregation comprised of church leaders from all evangelical background in the area.

We give the glory and honor to Him Whom belongs.