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want to thank God very much for the great work that He has allowed me to; especially bringing the gospel to the people in our nation Uganda through ROMANS PROJECT INTERNATIONAL and PROCLAIM-AFRICA.  It is my joy and enthusiasm that I see the gospel penetrating remote areas in our society by the grace of God. 

Last month on 27th/10/2014, together with a team of three people from Proclaim-Africa, I and Simon we left with them for Gulu district in Northern Uganda to have a vision casting conference for ROMNAS PROJECT INTERNATIONAL. We met 122 church leaders /pastors from this region. At the end of the conference we had 86 people who assigned or committed to ROMANS PROJECT.  

On 21st/10/2014 I was invited to preach at Vision For Africa in Mukonodistrict. It was such a thrilling moment, seeing passionate people for the Word of God. People responded to the sermon and some gave testimony how God had spoken to them through the Wordwas putting moreemphasis (Isaiah 37:1-22)Thanks to the Graingers for their prayers, indeed God had your prayers which you prayed for me and I spoke with boldness without fear =) I was challenging the congregation to live a prayerful life in light of reading the Word and practicing it. 

Right now I am compiling names for those who committed to ROMANS PROJECT reading. Secondary I have also to make a follow-up (calling people) to see how far they have gone especially those that committedmuch more earlier so that we can organize for a graduation, where Alan gives them MP3s if they have finished all the requirements. 

Thirdly, I am on the committee for MEN OF HONOR ministry in PROCLAIM-AFRICA. I have to write minutes on weekly basis and update the committee members on due events. This ministry pursues to see Christian families raising God fearing children in our nation. Through this ministry, Dr. Lazarus has been invited in churches to speak on marriage and on some occasions I have been with him. Sharing my testimony how I and Simon we have grown without a family and the love that God has showed us through such circumstances. 

• Please continue to pray for me, so that I will effectively serve the Lord. 
• Pray for me that I will reach out to God’s people with the gospel of grace.

In the Lamb;