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February Update


It has been hot for the past 3 weeks so we have been relying on irrigation to grow vegetables. Its equivalent  to ten Jerri cans of water each day. Some of the crops we have grown are sweet corns, Carrots, pumpkins and sugar canes.

The whole land is slashed and fenced now which has given us a break from tresspassers most especially those going to the spring to fetch water.

As am writing today, last night we received rain so we are excited to start on cultivating the land and make it ready to plant passion fruits and more sweet corns.


It has been three weeks since we started Thursday Fellowships and Sunday services  in our living room and God surprised us by bringing people.   We found out that the living room is no longer enough to hold these fellowships, Therefore we are believing God for a  tent and plastic chairs.  Indeed  the harvest is plenty here but the true harvesters are few, we thank God who called us to reach out to this community.

Every member of our fellowship is given a Daily bible reading guide and a bible at an affordable cost as a way of creating ownership to these materials. Children have shown interest in coming for these fellowships which is requiring us to have children Sunday school, we are believing God for a genuine Sunday school teacher.