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April 2016 Updates


We greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ with the words of Paul Phil 1:9 that call us to be concerned about growing more in the Knowledge of God’s Word and Discernment.

We are so thankful to the Lord for the great work He is doing in us for the cause of expanding His kingdom on earth. The month of April has kicked in with many surprises, more so in terms of ministry opportunities.

Bellow are pictures of fellowship meeting at our house on Sunday prayers. We thank  God for the kids who come to be with us.


On the 25th of April 2016 our prayer was answered when St Johns Senior Secondary School opened the door wide to reach to their students with the gospel. This was an answered prayer.  Our primary focus is to see local people, young and old grounded in the Word themselves. And our work is to expound it to them so that they find it easy in learning it and practicing it.  In this we have in plan to emphasize the INDEPTH BIBLE READING PROGRAMS (COLLOSSIAN CHALLENGE ) this program is more or less like Romans project but this is a shorter book which will in turn motivate them to do the same thing with other books such as ROMANS PROJECT.

We will also be preaching the gospel in this school once a week on their school assemblies. On the other hand we are still getting to reach to another neighboring High schools extend there the same program. Our area has got a an increased groups of Muslims, so we thought if we pass via schools-this can be a good trend to reach out to them. A amazingly, most of the schools have opened up for us.  

C.H CLASSES (children catechism classes)

We found out lately that in our village there is about 50 children below ten years and most of these have never heard the gospel that is to say child evangelism. Therefore I (simon) will set up two hours a week to teach catechism to children below ten years of age in our village.


We have so far given 10 bibles to people in LUNGALA village and some of our congregation members. Each one of these have a commitment fee of 10,000.UGX equivalent to 3 US Dollars. Our congregation has grown to 12 members without the little children. So far we have two people who have received the Lord. This man (in his forties-Geoffrey) says “he had not been at church for the last 20 years. I lived my life for all these years”. 

We wish to thank  our friends who have tirelessly provided both English and Luganda bibles to these people. The bibles here have gone high in prices but we have been able to reduce the cost for the local people to afford them. We charge them a little cost just to initiate responsibility. Geoffrey this last Sunday got himself a bland new Luganda bibleJ

The Holy Spirit has transformed Him (no more drugs or alcoholism).

Salima also a high school student in our neighborhood has continued to grow in the Lord, and she since we started prayer meetings have always attended on Sundays; she hasn’t got her personal bible though. To us that is the joy, seeing people re-discovering the primary purpose for their lives before God. What a beauty!  


In the beginning of this month we have been receiving rain very well and we have been doing lots of planting that include Vegetables, Maize, Sweet corns, sweet potatoes, lettuces, bananas, and passion fruits and tomatoes. These crops are many but some of them are planted on a very small scale. All the 2 acres are on full use and the left part is designed as a compound. 

Prayer request:

• We need children materials and Bibles so that we can make them available for the people who come for our fellowship or those around the village that want to buy them at a cheaper rate. 
• We also need a tent to put on our compound where people can sit during our fellowships since our living room may be smaller each meeting. We shall put this on our compound. 



In the Lamb 

Simon and Alex 

{Lungala bible ministries-Mpigi}