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May Updates on Ministry in Lungala

Month of May Report

We wish to greet you again in the most precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! We hope that He has kept you both well in His grace
It’s our joy again to bring to you our monthly ministry report of what God has enabled us achieve for His kingdom. We hope that your souls will be invigorated with the wonderful things that God is doing in our community Lungala (2 Timothy 1:4)!

Humble beginnings;

We want to thank God almighty for this burgeoning ministry that He has entrusted with us and other believers who have a heart for His kingdom to expand in Africa. We so far have Five ministry departments which are growing by the grace of God, as we do this church plant such as below.

Ø  Sunday Fellowship
Ø  Thursday Devotion/Fellowship
Ø  High school ministry/ In-depth Bible reading
Ø  Children Ministry
Ø  Farming God’s way

     Sunday Fellowship

Under this, we gather every Sunday with some of the local people around our village. More than ten people do come for this fellowship. Our lounge gets filled up and space is becoming smaller. We now fear talking about our prayer meetings just in case that we don’t get more people than our house can accommodate as you see in the photos bellow. Our meetings involve believers and none believers such as Muslims e.t.c. We have so far had Two youths Muslims get saved, and two more (Four people).
One time we had a Muslim father visit us with his two daughters and a boy, one of his daughter received Jesus and the father was ok with that after we had shared the gospel. This is God’s power not man’s!

Thursday Devotion/Fellowship

Here we meet for devotions and If any one went home over the weekend and has a question to do with his/her bible reading can always ask during this fellowship and we try to find answer by God’s grace in the Bible. We also pray for one another and get to study the Word deeply through interactions. We thank God for our friends who have tireless provided us with bibles and other bible materials to use. We have 12 bibles in circulation, this helps us preach when people have bibles in their hands. May God keep using you as you reach out to our people even though you are far away from Africa.

Children ministry

We meet at someone’s compound, where we can get enough space for Children. Children's programs are not included in most of village churches thus children are left lingering around the village. And thats why we felt the need to reachout to them. After the children ministry started this month, I was over joyed by one of the mother of the kid that attends the CH class (Children Catechism).She was all happy narrating how the daughter shared with them about the creation story that I had taught them that previous week. This feels like a humble beginning but this testimony has helped me know that CH class can be one of the ways to reach unbelieving parents in Lungala. Some of those bible stories are being heard for the first time to these kids.   

Farming God’s way

We will not get tired of thanking you for your great initiative for the land. “Farming God’s way” is a project aimed at teaching our local people to use improved means of digging and seeds to harvest high yields through developing trusting in the Lord. Through loving people here, last month we supplied 25 sacks of sweet potatoes seeds. We advised people to plant them as they are quick to improve means of income quickly.

Under this project, we have been able to plant over 6,000 plants of tomatoes on our land. Some of them have really come out well and  promising as you see bellow;

We want to thank you for your willingness to take time and read our ministry report, it’s not us but the Lord who has used us and other loving saints to achieve all this, “For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever. Amen(NASB).

We really appreciate your prayers and financial support, may the good Lord continually bless you.
Ø  Please continue to pray for this church plant, its growing bigger each day, thus we need a tent for enough shelter .
Ø  Pray for High school In-depth bible reading, we have to check them out and see their progress.
Ø  Pray for us for God’s sustainability and strength in His word that we remain faithful servants.
Thank you;