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Its always a great joy for us to know that there are people far away from Lungala who have God's work here on their heart and even as we update you about the things that have happened here in the month of June we have always seen God's Grace in each and everything that has been done this month and yet we know it’s a light thing in the sight of the LORD…(2Kings 3:18)

Church Planting
Most people who come for our fellowship groups both on Thursdays and Sundays are people from around our community, mostly we only get to see them on Sundays being that during week days most people are in their gardens.

F.O.F CLASSES ( FOUNDATION OF FAITH CLASSES);  this month yet again we thank God for our friends who have donated the FOF materials that we are using to conduct these classes. FOF Classes are one of a kind in Uganda that aims at deriving believers into the doctrines of the Christian faith that cements the assurance of salvation, discovering of the believers gifts and knowing God's word and equipping them to share it.    We have started this project with two schools (St. Johns and Kisugu Secondary School) all these schools are in Mpigi -  the District we are in.   At St. Johns there are 12 students that have enrolled and Kisugu there are 16 including one teacher.

 Group Photo of FOF Class at Kisugu Secondary School

The goal of this project is to empower these students who are in one way or another involved or aspiring servants in their home churches to be able to serve with the knowledge of the word. This in the future also is seen as a suitable programme for the University students in Uganda God willing.  

Group photo of the FOF Class at St Johns Secondary School.

Children Ministry

The CH Classes (Sunday School classes ), fellowships have shifted from Fridays to Sundays being that most of them have gone back to school and they can only be available on Sunday Evenings. We also thank God for a friend who donated a good material book (the Jesus Story Book) that we are using.

Farming God's Way

This has been a month of hot sun and completely no rain, sadly we lost the tomatoes that we had planted lately because they could not with stand the hot sun. Hover those that we planted first are ready for harvest and we have sofa sold 7 basin full of tomatoes. Glory be to God!

Some of the “farming God's way” produce.

Prayer Requests
1.       Please pray for the FOF classes to go on successfully
2.       The temporary tent is still needed to put up a shelter for the people being that our seating room is so small.
3.       Pray for the Rain being that hear we rely on natural means t be able to plant crops.
4.       Thank God for both of us healing from malaria in this past month.