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JULY Ministry Update

Special greetings from Alex and Simon. (Lungala Bible Ministries-Mpigi -Uganda).

And calling the crowd to him with his disciples, he said to them, "If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me (Mark 8:34).

Even as you read this newsletter about what the Lord is doing in the community of Lungala, we are reminded every day as we pray for our partners and friends who have supported this ministry knowing that it has been a huge sacrifice taking time to pray for the growth of this ministry and some of you who have committed to support financially in anyway.  It has and will never be an easy choice to make but a choice made because we follow Christ who demonstrated this exact command in this passage “carrying the cross”.
We want to thank God for the great things He has been doing in your lives, your ministries and families.
As for us, the Lord has been faithful, and we want to share with you the good news that the Lord has done in our midst. As we have always shared with you, Lungala Bible Ministries continues to grow each day. People have come to the Lord through the preaching of the gospel and the fellowship group at our house has increased.
Geoffrey who received the Lord after 20 years of not attending church; selling & taking drugs and an alcoholic,  his life was entirely a slave to these things  “as he testified”.   There is far much more change in his life now. People who had known him of his past life, wonder and truly say that his life has changed greatly.
Our Thursdays fellowship have grown and we have more people attending including none believers e.g Muslims and Roman Catholics. But they are passionate to hear the gospel. Kiyingi who is a Muslim has many questions and every time we meet we try our best to answer them from scripture and as we talk, he is slowly accepting the deity of Jesus Christ. 

Below is the photo of our Thursday fellowship:

Giving study Bibles to Pastors in Mpigi Town
A few months ago we shared with our friend about the situation of pastors in Mpigi and the need to avail them at least a resource where they can do an extra study for their preaching and we thank God that through her we were able to get “GLOBAL STUDY BILES” which we distributed to Pastors during their monthly meeting in Mpigi town. This idea was conceived when a pastor came to our home wanting two bibles and we discovered the need for pastors to have study bibles.  We got an opportunity to introduce this ministry to them and they were so happy to hear about what the Lord is doing. As we have interacted with them, there is a need in the future to have preaching seminars for pastors.     To learn how to preach, at least the majority would need this. This meeting included pastors from different churches.

Children Ministry:
God works in mysterious ways indeed as William Cooper put it, we started by first unvailing the  basic truth through telling stories about creation, fall of man and the redemptive plan as we aim at introducing the Children Catechism in the nearby future.  The most amazing thing is that even the Muslim family kids are also part of these classes. They are enjoying stories about creation and the death of Jesus on the cross. 

The high school students now they can navigate through the entire Bible with great ease, something which wasn’t there before. We can also sense growth in the knowledge of their faith and relationship with God which is attained from these classes. Thanks to our friends who provided the evangelistic trucks; we gave these students to read for their friends who are not saved yet hence they can now use as they evangelize to their fellow students.

Farming God’s way:
We do not only labour in preaching the Word of God, but we are also practical farmers. We plant NZ fruits as well as Ugandan.     Most people have liked our produce and our way of farming.    Now that August season is already at the door, our planting is due this month and we have all the nursery seeds ready for planting in few weeks.

As we conclude, we would like to invite you to come and serve God with us, if you feel God is calling you to Uganda. Come and we share our gifts to build the body of Christ Jesus in this community. It can be short term mission or long term, whatever you feel God is calling you to do.
  •   Pray for this growing ministry, if five more people adds to the daily attendance, we might not fit in our living room. We have trusted the Lord for a tent where we can shift and have enough room.
  • Pray for me and Simon so that we continue to heed to the Word of God unreservedly.
  • Pray for this Muslim man (Kiyingi Abubakari) who has showed special interest in the gospel to come to Jesus.
  • Pray for continuous relationship with all pastors in our district Mpigi.

In the Lamb
Alex and Simon-Uganda.