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August Update

We are always filled with joy as we see the marvellous things that God does in our lives and in the new community that we are living in.

As you read in last months report, God opened a new door for our ministry. We were invited to attend a pastoral general meeting that takes place on the first Saturday of the month, to us that was a big opened door to reach out to pastors in our region.   A great friend of ours donated 48 ‘global study bibles’. We gave out a copy to each pastor who  attended this meeting for the first time.  You can’t imagine the joy and gratefulness that these pastors expressed when they got to have such a tool for reference in their pastoral study. 

The church around here and generally in Uganda faces strong forces of ‘syncretism'. National statistics show that Christians (nominal Christians) in Uganda are 85% although you wonder, 
who are the people that go to these witch-doctors? 
Or involved in corruption cases?  
Who are the people behind the building of these shrines? 
This shows us that most of these professing Christians are not genuinely Christians - they are not doers of the Word/practitioners.   Due to this, our primary purpose is for our community to receive sound doctrine of the mind/biblical knowledge which through grace will prompt spiritual change hence causing the believer to have a right balanced walk with God. If we believe that God is holy emotionally, this must give raise to our affections to our hearts so that when professing Christians are tempted to worship demons, they should say ‘no' from the heart and mean it!” 

One person wrote, ‘’While deep experiences of the presence and power of God can happen in innumerable ways, the ordinary way for going deeper spiritually into prayer is through meditation on scripture, if we pray without meditation … our communion with God becomes poor and distant.’’
This is a strong conviction to us and we want to make sure that the Word of God thrives in our people’s hearts so as to overcome practices of demons (witch-craft) and of ungodliness.

We live in a community embedded with witch-doctors, we have had a burden to reach out to them: recently God gave us grace to meet one of the ladies that believes in charms. I told her “I have got a good gospel track for you to read, and she was welcoming to read it - she told me how she loves the bible”. I thought I was in trouble nevertheless she was happy to read it. The next time I went back she had asked someone to bring her bible and I encouraged her to read it well as she follows those verses in the gospel flyer.     This is joy to us, let’s continue to pray for such people.   

Its upon this that our vision for Bibles is going on, although all boxes are finished both Luganda and English. There is a strong hunger for the bibles. One lady came to get a bible and she said “ please help us also to learn the bible”. We told this lady that we have given ourselves to the teaching of God's word to them and she was pleased to hear that. 

Mrs. Harriet who had tried to buy a new bible from Kampala over times but she failed due to high costs, here is the Bible she had had for 12 years before getting a new one from Lungala Bible Ministries.
Our congregation is still out growing our living room (on Thursdays we have 8 people and Sundays 10 people), among these are non Christians and they have been receptive to the gospel. There are some Muslim homes that have started being receptive to the gospel and we have used this privilege to preach Christ to them through house to house visits - actually one of them boldly told us that “we love hearing about Jesus, we have no problem”. 

Of recently we got an audio Bible Plyer in Luganda that helps people  who can’t read. They listen to it every Sunday evenings and we thank God for a good friend of us who donated this player and now these ladies and as the group grows they are enjoying hearing the word of God in the New Testament in their Language.
Fundamentals of Faith Class (FOF)

High school ministry is on a break until when school starts for next term.   That was our last meeting for August. We had a great final study moment,  it was a question time, reviews and worship. They showed great enthusiasm by asking some mature questions and we will be glad to answer next month when school starts. This ministry focuses on High school students so far- although we would like to have it available in churches. We decided to start with this group as for now and when God has enabled us we could move it further to make it a discipleship class for some churches

Here is Kirungi's testimony for Fundamental Of Faith program at St. Johns as she responded to one of the questions from FOF book “Reading the bible, following it, helping my friends understand it and obeying the gospel in it ”. 

Below is the picture as we concluded with this term saying goodbyes till next month. We had a great time of questions and one of the perturbing one was Superiority of NT over OT. 
But God is gracious, these students are growing in mind and soul. We are equipping the next leaders in our society.

Childrens Ministry 

We thank God for the ministry of the children, we have covered quite a lot . They are growing steadily in knowing Christ. Simon teaches them every Sunday evening. We have 16 children and we have covered bible stories from Adam (creation) up to the story of Joseph.

So far they can answer two questions from the children Catechism (CH) such as
• ‘who made you?’ - God.
• ‘What else did God make'?- All things.

We pray that the Holy Spirit will use what they are now reciting into their souls and grow up fearing God.
Please pray for children materials and refreshments, which in most cases we have to dig into our pockets to provide. 

Farming God's Way

We have experienced long months of dry spell, our tomatoes in the nursery beds are dying. However, the passion fruit project is going well. If we get rain next month, we will be able to harvest passion fruits by next year. They have started putting  flowers although the soil needs water. We are building a structure where they can climb and spread, passions do well when they have climbed.
Below is a photo of a passion fruit.


1.  Please do not get tired to pray for the tent.
2. Please pray for financial support for our Ministry
3. We highly welcome you to partner with us either prayerful or financially to further the work of Christ.

If you feel God is calling you to be a short or long term servant in this ministry, you are welcome to come join us.

In the Lamb
Simon and Alex- Uganda.