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Report for September
We are glad to let you again what the Lord is doing in us and His people around us that He has enabled us meet and minister to-as the 1800 preacher Dwight L. Moody put it “The World has yet to see what God can do with and for and through and in and by the man who is fully and wholly consecrated to Him… I will try my utmost to be that  man”.(God's Generals).
For most of you who have been following this ministry, you discover that our biggest aim and centrality is the gospel.  As we put our entirety to planting a local church, there are so humongous fruits that God has allowed see and reap; sinners who have repented and turned to Jesus.
We hope God’s grace has continuously shone on you!
We endlessly thank God who initiated an open door to attend Pastoral General meeting that takes place monthly (First Saturday of the Month). As we have interacted with them, most pastors here has got less or no access to christian libraries where they can do extended bible reading or sermon preparations. Due to this fact, as Lungala Bible Ministries and together with Godly and men and women of God, we decided to donate a bible study bible to each pastor that comes to this monthly meeting. So far we have given out 31 study bible copies. Our major aim is to equip church leaders who may have not got access to Bible colleges with necessary information and bible tools.

So many pastors have benefited from this and bellow is a caption of jovial pastors as they received their bibles in a pastoral meeting in Mpigi. Learning how to preach is a problem in most churches here. We trust God that one time we shall have a seminar on “HOW TO PREPARE A BIBLICAL SERMON “.

Children ministry:
Every week when it comes to Sunday the excitement is not only about the fellowship here but also meeting the children in the evening.
I am moved by the strength of their memories for the songs and the first five questions of the children catechism. It feels like we just started yesterday but the achievements are for a life time. The best song so far is “ J for Jesus O for others and so on…”.
Please continue to pray that the Holy spirit leads me as I teach the this catechism which I am translating to Luganda.

As Luganda Bible Ministries we lay roots to bringing the gospel to sinners, and emphatically grounded on discipleship. So that converts and growing Christians develop un immovable relationship with God from a sound mind. We have three programs i.e. Fundamentals Of Faith, and Soul (Christianity Explored). These two programs aim at strengthening believers but also evangelic in nature to none believers. These programs are so far targeting high schools especially prefects (Youths) and we have  many who have joined and moving testimonies from these high school youths.
Schools have been on break and they just opened recently, so we have kicked of with the Word of God, below are students pausing for a picture after  learning the Bible in one of the schools.
Being a new term from holidays I was overjoyed to hear each of the students report in the FOF class. And how they have used these lessons to do ministry in their churches And community. Daphne is using the experience of FOF to evangelize to her siblings, Nakato is doing Sunday school in the home church. Most rewardingly Babirye shared with me her inability to share the gospel because of her backslidden mother who gives her no liberty to go to church, more so being that Babirye  had a problem of biting teeth at night the mother wanted to take her to the gods but she refused due to her defense that she is born again and she can’t displease her God to go to the small gods but only to trust the Lord. I was so encouraged to hear that and each of their projects that have hatched out of this programs.

As we shared with you last month, the biggest enemy of Christ's church in Africa is syncretism! As you read, after learning in this program, she said no to idolatry. We are still encouraging her and praying for her. God is doing great things in these activities. Discipleship is a hard work but it grounds many in the faith of Christianity.
The Lord has blessed us with rain, it has been too hot; and as agriculturalists, for us that is our joy to plant seeds for the season.
Farming has greatly supported us in this ministry, we do use some of our harvests for the work of God. Our passion fruits are really doing well. And most of them are putting flowers/fruits.

·         Thank you for your prayers, we ALWAYS need support for  MORE bibles.
·         Thank you for praying to this ministry and us as well.
·         Continue to pray for God's provision for a tent for our prayer meetings.

In the Lamb

Simon and Alex.