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OCTOBER 2016 Update

We greet you all in the most precious name of our King and Saviour Jesus Christ! We always want to share with you what God is doing here in our communityJ
The joy of serving the LORD!

“For Ezra had set his heart to study the law of the LORD and to practice it, and to teach His statutes and ordinances in Israel” (Ezra 8:10).
As Ezra saw that the only thing that would bring peace and stability to the returnees in Jerusalem was complete exhortation to the law of God; so is our desire in this ministry. God has been gracious to us this month as we primarily focus on discipleship as a way of strengthening believers in the Faith of Our Lord Jesus.

High School Classes
We wish to let you know that next month - November we shall be having the first bunch of students from two High schools finish the Fundamentals Of Faith Program (F.O.F). You can’t imagine the testimonies these students have since we started this program! We have personally met some of the students and prayed for them, counseled them and also encouraged them. When we first started this program, no student could mention all the books of the bible, some students had never owned the bible; recently two students have been able to own bibles, and now these students can tell the person of Christ and be able to understand His deity and explaining it biblically. This has not been easy, it requires prayer and persistence.

This photo on the right is Alex at St. John’s S.S. after ‘FUNDAMENTALS OF FAITH CLASS’.  Each will be given a bible at a low cost since most of them can hardly afford one as means stimulating them and creating accessibility to God's word to them. We will have the second in-take next year.

On left are students from Kisugu SS; during the class session of F.O.F   . This is led by Simon. These too, will be finishing next month.

Christianity Explored Study - SOUL
We trust the Lord next year we shall have the Soul program available to a greater number of people (it’s also a great program where we shall be taking people through the book of Mark).

Our fellowships at our home are going on well -  recently a Muslim man received Jesus. We praise the Lord for people who come to Him daily. Here is how our fellowship looks like on one of the recent Sunday;
The camera could not take a full photo, although we hope you can get an idea. Both our fellowships on Sunday and Thursdays, consist people who have received Jesus and others who have not ;  we thank  God that many have come to Know Him through our fellowships. In this ministry we  depend on Bible as a means to convict sin and bring many to Jesus. Fred  in white and blue t-shirt joined our fellowships and he could hardly study bible (because he didn’t have one) but now he is growing in the study of the Word and you can’t imagine how  many questions he  has always asked concerning faith.! We look at these fellowships as means through which a community local church will be planted here.
Farming God’s Way
As it has always been, we like always to tell you about our garden – for it has been a contribution and sustained us to run the Work of God.
We experienced too much sunshine and as a result we lost many of our crops (Lettuces, tomatoes, maize etc). It’s only passion fruits that seems to be promising good yields.
Monthly Pastor’s Meeting
Our monthly meeting with pastors in Mpigi is still going on and we look forwards to it. Lungala Bible Ministries  continues to grow in many ways-  this has been expressed through  the growth of  the believers faith especially those who are involved in our programmes. There is a steady growth of awareness about our ministry in Mpigi District & community and this has been expressed through the continuous calls from believers requesting for Luganda Bibles and the desire to have our Discipleship programmes in their churches.. 
Prayer Requests;
·         Pray for the pastoral meeting that takes place monthly that this ministry will continue to have a Godly impact in it.
·         Pray for provisions.
·         Pray for High school ministry as we graduate the first group – that they continue grounded in the Word and proclaiming it.
·         And thank God for all that He has enabled us, and so far how He has brought this ministry and all people involved prayerfully and financially.
In the Lamb

Alex and Simon