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November 2016 Update

November  2016

“Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ” (Philemon. 3).

With great joy yet again as LUNGALA Bible Ministries Uganda, we use this privilege to celebrate with you of the Lord's goodness in this ministry.

Fundamental of Faith Classes
It’s such epiphany as we share with you about the graduation of the first class of Fundamentals Of Faith. This month we had both our classes finish our discipleship program.  Photo at St. John's S.S.,

We have counseled and moved along with our students (some have personally came to us) asking questions on how to deal with satanic situations especially for families where syncretism still holds strong.

Below are some of the students testimonies;
 “As the class of ‘Fundamentals of Faith’; we extend our sincere thanks to the ministry of Lungala Bible Ministries under the leadership of brother Tumwesigye Alex for inserting in us the knowledge and the Spirit God.
We humbly appreciate the time & work rendered to us and through you we have achieved the following- first and foremost;            -Knowing more about God (Jeremiah 9:24)
-Knowing how to read the bible
-Learning how to handle different situations
-We have been assured that all scripture is inspired by God (2 Timothy 3:16)
-We have learnt how to use the bible
-How to draw closer to God (Isaiah 55:6)
-How to interpret scriptures in the bible (2 Peter 3:16)
We appreciate through you that the Lord has changed us from our enemies to be His friends (Titus 3:3,8) and then we pray that God who has used you may also use us to transform others”.

These students at flamboyant students at Kisugu S.S as they were graduating
On the left is Alex and next is the headmaster of school with a global study bible which we normally 
give to pastors and Simon is 3rd from the right.  Students were on parade - Simon took us through a time of preaching encouraging students to be Bible readers and doers of the Word as a means to change their lives and communities where they come from. We gave them each a copy of the Bible so that they can keep the flame burning. As we have always shared with you, very few people here own bibles. We have been in fellowships where only the pastor had the Bible and the rest were listeners without bibles. Another fellowship we went to the preacher was teaching with a note book without the Bible. What a dangerous state we are in! So, we decided to make it easier for students to have bibles. If you feel donating a box of bibles, may God bless you!
The students that have graduated this month have been plugged into the Romans Project where each student will read the Book of Romans 20 times, hand copy it and write ten lessons after the reading.
Uganda is one of the countries where youth/young people make up 77% of the population . That means in most churches, and some of the students in our programs, in one way or another hold key leadership in their local churches.  So, we are training people who are already made leaders in ministry and sharpening them for the gospel.
The 18th century preachers The Wesley brothers’  said this “Give me 100 men  who fear nothing but sin and desire nothing but God, and I care not whether they be a clergy or laymen, such a lone will shake the gates of Hell and set up the kingdom of heaven upon the earth”.
Only people who fear God will change the World. If we continue to impact the gospel in these multiple numbers of youths in these programs here, our communities will change for Christ.

English Bible    = Nz$12.61 Each
Luganda Bible = Nz$15.40 Each

Sunday Worship
As the Lord led us to plant a community church all our Sunday services have steadily increased in number. In the picture below that is a glimpse of last Sunday service that we had last week.
We have been going though the books 1Timothy- Titus, which we just finished last Sunday. In our prayer meetings we have seen drug addicts and drunkards surrendering to Christ, and they are walking a biblical observable life changing.
Pastoral meetings still go on monthly. A number of them have been able to get bibles at a small cost from us – which has been a great privilege. We have had so far 204 bibles circulated in our community.  This a humongous project and we want to thank God for each of you who have been behind this support, may God bless you immeasurably!   We do not only make it easier for people to acquire bibles but we also take initiative to teach it to them.

Childrens Catechism
This photo on the right is of the little ones we teach 

Farming God’s Way
Our passion fruit farming has improved due to the rains that we have now. We have had a longer drought than usual. We lost a number of crops in the process. Most of our greens died as well. But the passion fruits look good and we hope the first harvest will be good
We thank you all of you who have taken time to write emails of encouragement to us, supported us in one way or the other.  We wish to invite you to partner with us, either on a short time mission, prayerfully or financially - we will be privileged to work together with you.

2017 Ministry Opportunities
The numbers attending our Worship & Fellowship groups  are increasing and we are currently fundraising for a tent so we can hold all our Ministry Worship, Fellowship & Prayer Services & the Christianity Explored & Fundamental of the Faith programmes from the tent on our property.

SAMPLE TENT – 100 Seater
we need nz$4,000 - we have raised nz$1,830

We continue to ask you to pray for;
1)       This church planting
2)       Children ministry
3)       Pray for our congregation to grow in the Lord and His Word
4)      2017 Ministry Plans

Yours In the Lamb
Simon and Alex