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January 2017 Newsletter

January 2017 News letter

Greetings to you in Jesus' name! We are glad to share with you good news from Lungala Bible Ministries. We are committed to loving and bring full transforming gospel to our community
(preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; re-prove, rebuke, and exhort, with complete patience and teaching. 2 Timothy 4:2 ESV)

While we were entering the new year , Simon & I, we had many invitations from churches around to go and preach there. I was called to preach on radio during lunch hour (21st/12/2016). It was a great moment as I did the work of an evangelist. And Simon to was invited to preach in the city suburbs of Kampala. So, we had quiet a bit of preaching engagements thereafter. In these preaching engagements, 5 people came to Jesus including one M lady.

Ministry of the bibles:
We thank God so much when each day continue to uphold and make us grow more in Him. There is a tremendous work that He has done in whoever this ministry touches. People come from kilometers and kilometers to here: either they have questions that need to be addressed biblically or they want bibles. Below is a photo of Pr. Justus, a father of 7 kids. He has been in this community for a long time. He is such an enthusiastic man and he is willing to help once our community church tent is ready.

He bought bibles for his family. He was so grateful to the Lord. As a local church in a community growing everyday, we continue to address our of living biblically and also pray for people who have demonic attacks ( We Know some of you have never incurred these situations).

People continue to appreciate the ministry of bibles far beyond our capacity. This letter your yet to see was written to us by a young youth who leads a community church sometimes on behalf of his father, see how it reads;

Below is a group brethren from a nearby village; who invited me to preach at their church.
The believers were in great need on bibles. The few I took with me were like a drop in the Ocean. I preached and one lady came to Jesus. She was also able to get herself a bible. Below is a caption of people who got a Luganda bible;

Believers from Senene village. On left behind a lady in light blue is Alex. They were so happy and the leader of this church has often met us from our house and discussing the ideas for church revitalization. 

The photo below is  Kevin who was attached by demons, he could not understand anything for two days. We prayed for him in those two days, fighting us, 5 men would hold him as demons never wanted us to pray for him. At some situations he over powered us and ran away and we got him back. As we plant this community church, know these are some of the things we will have to be dealing with. In the photo, he had come to his senses and since then, he is now fine. We want to have him in discipleship/ the discipline of reading the bible.

That was our fellowship group praying for him and his mother at extreme left. And Simon next to the man in green T-shirt. Our church is growing, as you have been following our reports, we believe God for a tent for our fellowships. As I write, I have just been talking to a mother whose daughter was attacked / bewitched. She was mad for three month. The church stood with her in prayers for all this period and now she is fine. She says many people have come to her with lots of doubts, thinking she must have went to witches. So, the church has to address these and direct people to God.
There is a great move of pastors around here working together, we have seen this in the monthly meeting we have; this will enable the gospel to travail quickly to the lost.

Farming God’s way:
Our passion fruit garden in not really well, it has been too hot. We are now using watering can to irrigate: we need rain.

Some passion fruits are dying. We lost our lettuce garden, the heat has been too much. We lie under tropical region where its normally cool, we have not experienced this sunshine for along time.
The sweet potatos dried up because of too much sunshine. People are now shifting from crop farming to animal keeping due to this dry spell.

We wish to thank you all for your prayers and support to see this work of God moving, may God bless you.  And that God will give us rain.


Alex and Simon (Uganda-Africa).