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Please receive greetings from Lungala Bible Ministries Uganda!!!

Paul in Romans 10:13 wrote to the Romans sayingFor "everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” And he goes on to say “But how are they to call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching?”  This has and continues to be our driving force to reach out to the lost. “For if we don't know his goal and our lives are not in alignment with it, then we will find ourselves at cross purposes with God and excluded from his kingdom in the age to come.” (John Piper). Therefore even as you read this news letter the purpose and goal of this ministry is to see Christ taking His place in the hearts of His people in our community.

Taking the gospel to High schools:

The month of February ushered in the re-opening of schools in the whole country and we have recruited new students for the High school discipleship programs that includes Foundation of faith at Kisugu Secondary school, SOUL (Christianity explored) at St John’s secondary school.

Community church plant:
This month our fellowship groups continue to grow. Some of the students in our fellowship joined boarding schools. On Sunday 19th a young man came to our fellowship and narrated a story about how he was forced to join Islam so as to be able to get a job, it might seem as compromising but this young man was not a believer by then,  so it was easy for him to allow instant circumcision and following the Islam doctrines and works. He was thankful to God who saved his life and being able to meet us to join our fellowship until when he goes back to his home country Rwanda.
Please continue to pray for the Bible distribution funding. By the end of this month over 350 people in Mpigi have received new copies of Bibles. Above is the picture of the bible; one of the believers had before receiving a new one.

Children ministry

We continue to minister to children through Christian songs and Bible stories. It is evident that most of the children can sing from the beginning to the end, they can recite some catechism questions and answer.

Nationwide drought even in our community

We met with some of our Pastor friends from a Kampala Church, and they asked us to identify 12 families in our village that were suffering and had a great need because of the effects of this drought.    On Thursday 23rd with the help of these Kampala churches our ministry was able to supply food to these 12 families in our community. Most of them are believers and a few haven’t known Jesus.

Treatment for Proscovia's daughter

Proscovia is one of our Fellowship members -  before she confessed Christ, she was a Roman catholic and her husband is a witch doctor. As time went on the husband abandoned her and the children and some of the children stopped going to school, as if that was not enough her story comes to the point where she could not avoid going to church after she discovered that one of her girls had gotten mad. It is after these hard situations that she found her way to one of the churches and when believers prayed for her daughter she became well. As she was looking for a near by community church to join, she decided to be part of our fellowships. Recently we had to sacrifice some of our little funds from our crop produce to take her daughter to the hospital to be treated from malaria . Now the little girl is recovering gradually while on medication.

Please continue to pray for our community tent, we thought it would be up by now - Our fellowship groups keep growing and we need a larger space outside our sitting room.


Alex and Simon (Uganda-Africa)