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Community Church - Lungala

Great News – Our Church Tent Has Arrived

As a ministry, we write to you with such a great joy; God has heard all of our prayers for the community church tent - it has been such a tedious work.  You remember we have always asked you to pray for the provision of a tent outside our house: our congregation has steadily grown. God heard our prayers, the tent is now here!!     What a joy and a great amazing God we serve!     Indeed if God calls any one for His work, He will orchestrate all the events &circumstances to provide for His work to go forward.

One day David was going through many difficulties against King Soul David said, “I will cry to God Most High, To God who accomplishes all things for me” (Psalm 57:2). For us as believers, it’s God who accomplishes all things for us. Below is a photo of the tent; the first photo is the ground where the tent would sit, the second is the tent set up. Some of our church members have been of great help as they have volunteered in leveling the ground, cooking & fetching water and also helping the technical team while they were setting it up.

Our Lord and Savior has continually given us grace, it’s this ministry in the whole of this district that provides bibles for low income earners. We get people either born again or not  wanting  the Bible. We have persuasively encouraged Roman Catholics to get bibles after discussing with them the joy of having God's Word in their houses. When these people take them, we follow them up as way of evangelizing to them & to make sure that they reading them and also to pray with them.   We have had many people from Roman Catholic background who have eventually received Jesus from here. 
Since we now have this blessing of a larger tent that can seat 100 people, we will be having massive evangelism around our community. If you feel God calling you to help in this please come !!!!  -  you are more than welcome. J