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Ministry Update - April 2017

Greetings from Lungala Bible Ministries. We hope our Saviour Jesus Christ kept you well. As it has always been, we want to share with you our devotion verse for the month.
 “Until I come, give attention to the public reading of scripture, to exhortation and teaching… Take pains with these things; be absorbed in them, so that your progress will be evident to all( 1 Timothy 4:13-16)

In our Thursday prayer meeting as a church, we were contemplating on that text and we learnt a lot in the way we are to commit ourselves to His Word.   Again we want to thank you so much for your donations for buying a tent, we have now established Community Bible Church – Lungala - may God alone bless you and remember your work with this ministry and we have not ceased to pray for you. We focus on teaching/preaching the Bible to this community faithfully.  Here is a picture of our first time to pray from it. The other photo is Simon preaching.
As we have said above, God’s  Word is our centrality.  A few days ago we heard of a pastor from Kampala had been burning Bibles. This pastor preaches to thousands of people with no theological studies. He has no deeper understanding of doctrinal issues and how to explain the bible. He burnt them claiming that they lack certain verses eg. Good News version. He says  that KJV has the Word ‘Holy Ghost’ and claims ‘Holy Ghost’ means an evil spirit. Meaning that if believers carry this version, evil spirits will claim their lives too.
 As a ministry, we had taken an initiative to teach church leaders about this; especially those that attend our monthly Pastoral meetings. So, when this sad news broke, we met them to find out how they dealt with it, amazingly they were very strong and had a firm foundation.
Right now, as a church, we do door-to- door evangelism every Monday. We are also designing sign posts that direct people to the Community Bible Church.

Discipleship Opportunities

We continue to focus on our discipleship programs to make sure Christians grow in the Word.  Left is a photo is an organization leader ( Methuselah Sebagala) in central region of Uganda receiving an ESV bible study from Simon. As u remember, we give ESV bibles to pastors as a way of making trust worthy bibles study with good research materials to help them in preaching.

Last week Alex (photo on Right) was invited to preach at a school’s night prayer meeting for students.    It was a joy seeing students listening to the word without sleeping. As Proverbs puts it “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it”.    

We think by training these youths in schools and having the gospel preached, there is hope for a god fearing generation tomorrow.
Christianity Explored Class (SOUL) students (right) on the last day of class for the term. In this class as Christianity Explored materials require, we focus on the gospel of Mark.   Most students can now explain the totality of Mark's gospel and the purpose of life. Rachel gave testimonies, she has been born again for a long time but she has never read the bible keenly as she does now. ‘To us, this is wonderful’.
We have discovered that there are so many believers but with no bibles, not even any christian material at all. To us, we think this is very dangerous to the spiritual depth of the church.    Please stand with us to make sure bibles are available to people.
Our home is always visited by people from far and near villages looking for God’s Word.   Most Christians take Luganda bibles being that most people speak Luganda. Recently three ladies from Roman Catholic background said they have never owned a bible - these ladies now read God's Word.   As our work, we follow them up and explain to them the purpose of salvation. They haven’t given their lives to Jesus but it’s great to see them studying their bibles. There is a great need for bibles since they are too expensive for low income earners to buy.

Children’s Ministry
The children’s ministry is going well - one of the kids (Solomon) comes very early Sunday mornings to prepare the church. He organizes the seats- is very thrilling to teach children to serve God when they are young. 

Farming God’s Way

The Lord has given us rain, unlike the other season when many crops died due to a lot of sunshine. We planted New Zealand sweet corns (very sweet), NZ cucumbers & NZ beans. It has been a test of new crops, our community people always wondered about NZ beans and sweet corns. We like the sweet corns, they are yummy. We like farming because its what supports us to do ministry.   We have been able to add 3 pigs to our numbers.

Ø  Continue to pray for Community Church – Lungala
Ø  Pray for Alex as he plans to start a new life with Carolyn
Ø  Pray for the our ministry opening in August 2017.
Ø  We still face challenges with our 5 year old computers.
Ø  Pray for  signposts that are needed that can direct new believers to church.
Simon and Alex (Uganda, Africa)