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Ministry Update - May 2017

Hello friends J 

Once again we want to thank God for the month of May which is nearly to an end for the great things He has done. May His awesome name be praised!

At Community Bible Church-Lungala, this month the Lord has been teaching us ‘The working of the Holy Spirit in missions'. Acts 11:21-26). We spent a four days fasting and praying.

(And the hand of the Lord was with them, and  a large number who believed turned to the Lord… Then when he arrived and witnessed the grace of God, he rejoiced and began to encourage them all with resolute heart o remain true to the Lord…).
We learnt that spiritual multiplication can only happen if we are dependent on His grace and hence teaching and preaching sound sermons which will draw lost people to Him. This is what we are currently focusing on.

As one of the aims of us here, is to reach out to this community, evangelize to them and pray for them.    Recently we reached out to Hajjat ( a lady who has been to Mecca). We shared with her the gospel and also delivered a Christian book that can help her read the bible on a daily basis. This happened after she sent someone to inquire about the availability of bibles. Now she has a Bible and she has special interests to know about Jesus. We pray that this will turn out to be a good harvest to our King Jesus.

Community Bible Church steadily grows, as you see in the photos. Simon was preaching. The taller lady (Ms. Nakaye, second photo below), we met her in one of our school discipleship programs. She is a very enthusiastic Christian.    She has willfully committed herself to train youths fellowship on Sunday. So now we have a Sunday choir. She works as a matron in one of the near -by schools. 

We thank God for the twins Solomon and Samuel comes very early in the morning to put church chairs in order. These boys have been in our of classes for kids, Simon is teaching them to serve God. They enjoy the worship session and seemingly don’t understand much once preaching session Starts. They have been of great help.

As we shared with you last month about 
the sign posts, the Lord has so far provided 
two. We still need more two. That was Simon 
with a tape measure to ensure that measurements
 were right. We will paint the and laminate them too.

In August we have a Grand inaugural opening for this ministry in general. The date has been verified as 12th/8/2017 and confirmed.  We will be so glad to have you on that day, please mark your calendars. By July feel free to email us if you want the program for information for all the activities that will take place on that day.
This ministry in its small capacity has touched the lives of many people both near and far. The ministry of bible distribution has been bountiful to the hearts of many. 

In this month Alex was invited to speak to the a crowd, explaining about the missing verses in ESV (which we give out). This happened as one of the city pastor burnt KJV and Good News bibles from his church. His action left many hearts hopeless and void. Having spoken and defensively used the Bible to defend itself, most people were encouraged. He had gone with a few bibles, these were all taken, people had such a love for bibles again. The Bible continues to be the most needing thing here.
As we have also discovered, as more people continue to need the bibles, we have put more emphasis to teach them how-to read it. We discovered that most people may read it but forget what they read or how to interpret it in some ways. So, this will help to avoid wrong interpretation and wrong application. On right  is a photos Simon and Bazaale as he was receiving an ESV Bible study from Simon. He leads an organization ministry in the Midwestern region of Uganda.

On a weekly basis we do meet children especially on Sunday’s. We find thus valuable. Our meetings involve children from Roman Catholics, Muslim homes and born again. We think there are covenant children in these none believing homes. We had take a break without meeting.

The high school ministry resumes next week; Simon, he started already this week. We will be glad to catch up with them again. We hope to finish our discipleship syllabus this coming term.

Our gardening has continually done well due to the good rains that we have. A few people were able to plant because of the drought we had. It was such a prolonged drought that Ugandans we have not had for the last many  years. So now that we have the rain, we praise he Lord. Last month on our garden you saw pigs and crops, this time you will see  NZ tomatoes and passion fruits. These passion fruits are Ugandan original. However we have discovered that most of people did not like the size of the tomatoes, they are too small. So, we may have to eat them by ourselves and don’t sell any. The ones of the other season were liked by many because they were very big in size and juicy. 

As we shared with you the previous text from Acts, we saw that its God's Spirit that draws wholeheartedly workers to Him and saving sinners for His glory. Our daily prayer request, pray that as this ministry grows, people of God's heart will willfully join this ministry and that people’s lives will be touched. Our passion is to love this community and all those that God allows us meet and deliver transforming gospel to them. We call you to join us to this chapter of ministry.

v  Pray for August inaugural Grand opening,
v  ministry computer and more two sign posts.

Simon and Alex (Uganda, Africa)