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November Newsletter

Our special greetings to you brethren! Merry Christmas to you all! Christmas is just at the door! We praise the Lord for that.
In our spiritual Formation group materials, (The character for the follower of Jesus-designed by campus crusade ministry) there is a statement that has impacted our lives and we would love to share it with you.
“… you already know the benefit of personal Bible Study — what it means to search the scriptures and discover Jesus as the way, the Truth and the Life. You have probably noticed that responding to God and experiencing His Word affects your attitudes and actions day by day”.

At  Lungala Bible Ministries Uganda, Bible study programs have been so crucial and are fundamental to the growth of this ministry. As the writer has put it above, a keen follower of God's Word can’t live un noticed. As you see in the photo bellow, Students from St. John's Secondary School have been part of our bible programs. We have just awarded them certificates of completion. Our groups are always a mixture of people from different faiths. Amazingly, Shakirah and Hellen: who joined this program and didn’t know the Lord, now they are part of the school chapel that proclaims the Word of God. They received Jesus as their Saviour. They couldn’t attend and let the Word of God and go unnoticed! Christianity Explored ministry affected them and eventually, Jesus was seen live in their lives.

  On that graduation, we also cut a cake.                                                             

From right, headmaster, Alex Tumwesigye (program leader in this school and students who took up the program this term. We were 12 students but four dropped out. leaving the group of eight.
Christianity Explored student sharing the cake with others.

It was not enough for a very one, but at list a few students had a test. This was done in front of the whole school, the headmaster was there and school teachers. Most students have showed interest in this program. We had testimonies, how this program has impacted them and reciting the books of the bible. The headmaster made a remark, “ We like your programs, there are students whose behaviors have changed from your ministry. Shakirah now is a good student, trust worthy and hard working”. He said.  

We also had Fundamentals Of Faith graduation. This took place at Kisugu Secondary School.

This graduation took place while there was a parent's day visitation. It was a big crowd. There were 13 students in total who passed to graduate. The parents were so happy gave gifts to their students. The director said remarkably to Edith Nakaye ( a school metron to girls and involved in our ministry) “Your such administer of the Lord. Every where you go, your always involved in ministry “. The director said to her. We were given a worm welcome and this school has freely opened up to us. Most of these students are already involved in ministry in their local churches.

The second  meeting  with  university students;    as we shared with you last month, the Lord has been gracious. We started a university youth ministry.
Its kicking on well. We had a meeting and many students showed up. This ministry started as a dream but now it has come to a full reality. In this ministry, we gather students from different universities, and train them how to become biblical disciplines of Jesus, even when they are done with their studies. And to be Christ-examples in their communities.

Lungala Community Bible Church is steadily growing. We really praise the Lord for the number He adds to His Church. During the massive youths evangelism day (with youths from Kampala), Mrs Joice got born again and all her family. She seems to very committed. She recently got herself a bible from here. She also convinced other two ladies and have been coming to church since then,early morning, they attend the devotion we have before the service starts. She said this, “ I prepare for a Sunday day as early as possible so that I don’t miss the devotion with my friends”.

 Alex dedicating a baby on Sunday. The first newly born baby in this church.

    Photo of our church on Sunday

Some of you who have been following our updates via What’sApp, I called our village chairman  Kalungi Erenests, whose daughter (32 years old and  mother of 3 kids) had tried to kill herself with poison. My call came early morning, “Pastor Alex, came and pray for my older sister! She is dying…”. As a team from our church, we reached this home (where witchcraft has taken place for generations). The chairman knew about our coming but dodged us. Being that he owns hats for evils spirits. Nanfukah, a M… girl was in a bad state, she could walk nor eat. We shared the word and prayed for her.    After one week, that’s when I called her father and I arranged with him. This time he was present, and I confronted him about evil alters and evil spirits of the dead in his home. He told me, while looking at me in the face, my son, I inherited this from grands. Pray for him that God will make it clear and give him power to leave it. This event was God honouring, I have always wanted to share the gospel with this family, but they would not let me. During this event, Nanfukah, received Jesus as her Saviour. She got well, she can walk. She later came to our church, to have counseling. She came in full black attire for M….s. I was scared to take a photo of her. She now reads her bible and she has forgiven herself against the evil action she had taken against herself.

The ministry of the Bible:    this ministry has tremendously touched people from all backgrounds.
The Word of God has its own power to change lives. Right now we  have a Hajj at who got a bible here, she has showed undoubtable  love to the Word of God. She has not confessed Jesus but she loves hearing the gospel. We do visit her and pray with her  weekly. Below is a photo of Norah (a lay leader) taking bibles to her congregation, near by lake Victoria.   We have irrefutable testimonies from people who got bibles and got converted after falling in love with it.
As a ministry, we continue to face financial challenges, we would love to do more than this, but we are incapable in some areas. We get limited, if you feel God is leading you to support this ministry, feel free to let us know.
This in Norah who leads a ministry near lake Victoria. She oftenly takes bibles from here to believers in deep villages.
We are planning to start a spiritual formation group in a near by community where there no church. Three homes have welcomed us. No one is born again from these homes, but they are interested and loving our ministry to have a monthly meeting at one of members’ home. Last month we gathered at Nakalyowa Proscovia's home. The house was nearly full. As you remember, her husband who abandoned her is a man who believe in the worship of evil spirits. Proscovia is now a vibrant spiritual woman  and her daughters. Every month we meet at her house and she invites the neighborhoods. Las meeting we had a lady whose faith is Islam, she said, “I love to fellowship with you here and would you please pray for my family “. She hasn’t come to church neither believed Jesus. We meet people like this all the time in Spiritual formation Groups.

Our farm:
The season for passion fruits is out. Although we think by February we will be picking up again. We have young ones growing. Some have started to put flowers.
 Our two pigs are two months and twenty seven days pregnant. As you see, they look heavier

Recently I castrated one male pig, it died after one week. Alex usually wants try out new things in farming. But this time he lost it. We normally do most of doctors' work ourselves and we had never lost any animal.
We thank all of you we have always  encouraged us either your phonecalls, WhatsApp messages, emails and  Facebook messages. May God bless you. We thank you for your prayers, if it was not you, we would hardly reach this far.

Continue to pray for

    Alex's wedding with Carolyn Kembabazi
    Ministry support

    Lungala Bible Ministries Uganda to steadily reach out to people     

      Alex and Simon (Uganda, Africa)