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OCTOBER news from Lungala Bible Ministries

Greetings brethren! Updates from Lungala Bible Ministries Uganda. We feel glad to share with again what God has led us and the body of other believers to accomplish in this ministry.

“The Lord is good, A stronghold in the day of trouble, And He knows those who take refuge in Him,”. (Nahum 1:7)
As the scripture is put above, the Lord has been good to us as the ministry, in many ways. When this term began, Christianity Explored class kicked off. 
 Alex leading the discipleship class. Another girl from this group has given her life to Jesus. Now the whole group is full of people who trust the saving grace of Jesus. We praise the Lord. I will send you her picture In the next report. We are trusting God that in this next two month we will be able to graduate this group. We usually give them a gift to encourage them or design certificates. We praise the Lord for this group.

Farming God’s way; Our farming is going well. Our two female pigs are one month pregnant. They look good although this time we did not take a photo for you. We also have some more other piglets. Our farm is growing. The Lord has given us steady rains. We bless His Holy Name.

Sports outreach team from Zana Presbyterian Church:
On 21st, Lungala Community Bible hosted Zana Presbyterian church, a sports youth evangelism team. It was such glorious moment. We were over 70 people. The church was full and ran short of sits. We divided ourselves into five groups. Each group was led by a church member from here. After we returned to church, 25 people had given their lives to Jesus.
That was after evangelism refreshing ourselves with sugarcanes. Sugarcanes are the most fruits here you can enjoy.
That is the team sharing the gospel with our neighbour’s son (Muslim family). The taller man in a T-shirt is Geoffrey, he was a drug addict but now transformed by the power of the gospel in this local church. He is sharing the gospel now.

From left; Alex, Bukenya and a
friend who came to do evangelism.

We came back to church, we had lunch, all people ate, except the sodas were not enough. As you see in the photos, brethren from Zana had mixed with the village youths especially those that are on the village football. After lunch, we had a worship, and a scripture from Alex (Matthew 22:37-39). The neighbours, especially those from none believing homes were patient. The Holy Spirit touched them and sat and listened to the Word of God

Left is Gloria, John and Simon giving report after evangelism; in the church. After we all went to the village football pitch, where other village members were waiting. Below are the photos.
In the soccer field with the village team against Zana Church  
As a church, we started ‘Spiritual Formation Groups” aiming at reaching out to the neighbours of church members. The first prayer meeting took place at Maama Proscovia, who turned to Jesus with almost the entire family. We all met at house, it was dark and a few lights on our phones could give light (as some of you know village life). She was very excited as this the first Christian prayer meeting in her house. This family has been experiencing a lot of demonic attacks, as we told u in the last reports, the father for the family is involved in witchcrafts. But God has delivered that family.
This/these Spiritual Formation Groups will be primarily led by church members and as leaders of the church, we will ensure that this is well done. The main aim is to see believers growing in sharing the gospel and also reaching out to the children who might not be going to church with their parents.
Children Ministry:
We have been praying and trusting God for a childrens Sunday teacher, God has brought this lady
(Ms. Nakaye). She is such a strong servant of the Lord. She loves children and very ministry creative woman. She also modeling other young girls who can do this work is case she is not around. She is the one right there.

As we update about this ministry growth, please continue to pray for provision and putting pavers in the church. Dust is becoming too much, especially when kids roll in the dust. Pray that God will provide especially us who take the main leading for this ministry. Alex’s wedding has been held back, it was originally supposed to take place in November, but it might be hard to do this. Please continue to pray for God’s sustainability.

May God bless for loving to follow our ministry and farming updates.