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December newsletter

Merry Christmas to all our ministry friends and partners in serving our Lord Jesus!! We praise the Lord who has allowed you and us reach 25th/12/2017.

‘When he saw the crowds, he had compassion for them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers’ are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send you laborers into harvest.” Matthew 9:36-38.

We remember while at collage training to become church ministers, we used to gather and pray. I remember quoting that text and asking a group leader to pray for us through that text. I had no idea how this ministry we lead now would start and where it would be. The above text teaches us to be ready to be used by God to reach out to unreached tribes and peoples through his own leading.
We hope Christmas celebrations went well, and where they didn’t, remember that God remains sovereign in all situations. To me and Simon, Christmas went well. For us we started as early as 23rd (when we had a children Christmas in the village event)

 This children event
was such a blessing.
We got to see kids
We hadn’t seen
before at church.

We had Nakaye,Victoria and Ester who came to help and teach these kids the Word of God have funs. We studied with Victoria in High School (Seroma Christian High School). It was great seeing her again serving God. They did  a great work these ladies. They worked with other four church girls. These four our church girls worked hard to collect these kids from village homes as some could not come alone. They worked from day one to the end. May God bless them abundantly.

On left is Simon and on microphone is Victoria and Nakaye, who is also the church choir here. We were 140 all of us in total. All of us took a bottle of soda and about 20 kids missed a piece of a cake. They were not enough for every one of us.

Below are a couple of pictures of how the event went. For those who don't know, I and Simon during the age bracket of these kids, we didn’t take soda not until it was a Christmas day. And some Christmas we couldn’t have any as we grew up knowing that a bottle of soda is for old people/ grown up persons.
Our brief history made us to organize such a day for kids in our village. Most probably there many children here who may not have one at their homes but at least they had one from our church. We wanted them to know that God loves them and cares about them.

Kids enjoying Christmas Sodas/drinks

On the extreme left,  those are girls of the who did a great work to prepare and Alex posing for a selfie. Then above is Victoria with kids with their art work.
On the above event, we had people whom we had evangelized too, show up with their kids. You remember  a Muslim lady we told u about (Hajjat) who has been to Mecah, she received Jesus and got herself a bible. She had never come to church. She came that day with her family, first time to be in a church. She sent her family on 25th to worship our King Jesus with us as well

 A congregation on a Christmas service.          

Lungala Community Bible Church grows in many angles. It’s a church composed of babies, children, teenagers and adults. The Lord had our prayers, we praise the Lord for that!! This church at the end of this year will be making 8 months, we are always amazed at the Lord's doing through this church to this community.

Sunday School on Christmas

Simon was the teacher as two of our Sunday school teachers went for a holiday. He taught them how to draw pictures.
The real gospel getting to real man; We believe most of you don’t know the kind of community we live in; most people here verbally say they  love God but their actions deny their confession. Although there is also a few groups who are strong servants of God in words and actions but majority deny this.
In our near-by  neighborhood, there are about seven shrines ( where Satanic worship is done) without those that are in living houses. These shrines, witchdoctors call the spirits of the dead brode day light. They sacrifice animals to these demons and to some worse cases, even babies are sacrificed. By God's grace and your prayers, the Lord has allowed us to share the gospel with a few of these.
Most people fear them as they can send demons and kill you. Before Christmas, by God's  coincidence, I and Simon met one of the well known witchdoctor. He told us that “I inherited these demons and I can’t leave them.”. This was a second witchdoctor to tell me this. As a church, there many occasions where we have prayed for people who have been attacked by demons from these people and God has delivered them. They are now part of us. This is  the feel of the community where God sent us. There are strange things done behind Satanic worship. Only God can transform their hearts. And some of our church members have ever been part of it in one way or the other but when light shone on them, they came to Jesus.
Worse more, if a church is not strong in the Word and prayer, these Witches can over come the church and it dies completely! One witch told us that “ I will send you demons, they will come rolling a calabash / gourd and you will believe that demons exist”. We also responded lovingly, when God appears, demonic powers ceases. That is shortly how our community has been in the strong holds of Satan. And we believe this church  delivering sound doctrine, many will come to Jesus.

Donations of clothes and other items to our community
Again as ministry, we want to thank all people who donated all the Items to this ministry. You don’t how you impacted the lives of a few church members and  those outside church. Scovia, church member had this to say “I thank God for this church for providing clothes to my son. He had one jean and if we washed it and didn’t get dry, that means he would miss church. “ Another lady had this to say too, “thanks to this ministry, the father of my daughter ‘one year old baby' , doesn’t provide to her, my daughter barely gets such new nice clothes “.
The above testimonies confirmed to us, God provided to His people through this ministry. And we are always proud to do God's work timely. The mother of one year old baby has recently converted from Islam to Christianity. The mother came here and got a bible as you know, this ministry gives and provides bibles at a small commitment fee.
She told me, “I have never experienced the reality of God like I do now since I started to carefully read this bible”. So, they are diligent young family growing in the Lord King Jesus. And by God's grace we will lead them to spiritual maturity.

 Farming God's Way.

We have good News from our farming. On 27th/12/2017, our white pig gave birth to five piglets. One died. We remained with four.
We praise the Lord for that. Our farm is doing well and we plan to keep these young ones ourselves on farm. This project is designed to teach and demonstrate strategic farming methods using local viable means that Gods has given us.
So far, one local farmer has taken on our farming methods, he has 10 pigs on his land. Simon visits this farm to give advisory ideas which are affordable to village people.
We want to thank you for your prayers to us and as ministry. We want to thank you all in a special way, all of you who have sacrificed to partner with us financially.  We always pray for you and may God bless you!

Prayer requests.
1.      Alex's wedding next year with Kembabazi
2.      Financial support to the paving of church 
3.      Financial support toward buying ministry land (at least 2 Acres in this community )
4.      And remaining true to the preaching of God's Word.
Alex and Simon (Uganda-Africa)