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2018 January News Letter !!!

Greetings to you the friend of Lungala Bible Ministries Uganda. Happy New year 2018. We hope  you are picking on well by God's grace with the new year J
As you know usually we want to share with you a snippet from our reading  or a verse from the BIBLE. 

This time around it is from ‘Charles Colson, Loving God. Pp. 82’. 

They also reveal why Christians do not know how to love God. For we should read God's Word for not what we can get out of it, not what it will do for us, but for what it will teach us to do for God… “Your Word is truthful,” Jesus said. Nothing less than knowledge of that truth is demanded of Christ's disciples. That knowledge only comes from fervent study of truth, that is, study of His Word. This is indispensable to genuine discipleship. It is indispensable to loving God. But perhaps the real reason we do not pursue that radical discipleship rooted in the Word of God is that we have not recognized the clear choice before us.”

As a ministry, we find these words true of us. We want to make sure by the grace of God that our community gets to love God genuinely through His Word through faithful teaching of His Word and  commitment to discipleship trainings. We are emphasizing discipleship  and follow up programs. On Mondays most high schools will be opening in Uganda. This means that our discipleship programs will resume by next week. We will have new recruits. When schools begin, its our most busiest moments as these discipleships are weekly and require a lot of time to prepare lessons/Sessions.
This means we will be photo copying and checking the responses this students show in their writing. To make sure they do well as required. We love it. We are sure youths can’t wait to join these programs!
We will be having a new Christianity Explored  class at St. Johns Secondary School as we did last year Here the headmaster gave us a worm welcome. This is going to be our second year when Christianity Explored is ran in this school. We will also have the same program in Kisugu S.S. We have seen the Lord touching these youths' hearts and converting them for the Gospel. Most schools have welcomed us but our financial efforts are still too limited, although we would love to do more.
Towards the end of this report, I will be reflecting about all the people whom this ministry has reached out and in return they gave their lives to Jesus. As Charles Colson said above, “…study of His Word. This is indispensable to genuine discipleship.” Our enthusiasm to disciple has brought much yields to the kingdom of God. The figures you will see soon are people who have visibly confessed Jesus; we leave effectual call to God. Some of these people are part of this community church and other are serving God in other districts.

some of the materials delivered for paving the church.
Paving of our church: we bought a few materials as you see in the picture. This was from our giving: pledges from church members and those who love to see this ministry thriving. Feel free to let us know if you want to donate to this church work.

The photo on right shows how our Church floor looks like. When it rains the water passes across the middle of the church. Then also dirt drops keeps making the tent unclean.
Once it is paved, all that will be sorted. We applaud church members who have been faithful to their pledges to this work
 Sunday services
Bellow is a photo of Christopher who was brought by his brother Mugura to us. Christopher comes from a home where they worshipped evil Spirits (spirits of the dead) since he was born. In his own words Christopher says he was in a shrine ( hats where evils Spirits are called from) in December. He says he left the shrine at around 3:00am reaching home late. He had spent a lot of money in this staff and becoming poorer each day.
He was tired of this work, and when he had the gospel,  he came to Jesus. After hearing  this, I lead him through a confession and then a bible devotion. He received Jesus! Most of you who don’t know, these and others get involved in Satanic worship because they are looking for reaches or this practice is inherited from grands. To get these people out, its God's grace. Actually one person told me, “don’t you know that a person can be in these shrines and call on evil spirits and then on Sunday he goes to church with his bible, why don't you leave them?”. This is what  a person said! You know well that this is syncretism, and syncretism in this region is our greatest battle. This is not an easy war friends!
Christopher, in the meddle after confessing Christ and leaving witch craft

In Alex's preaching opportunities in the interacastrine regions of Lake Victoria, he was invited go officiated a new  pastor. The young man in the picture had finished his college and taking the pastoral leadership of this village church. Alex was asked to speak on a topic ‘ The essence of owning the Bible'.  Only three members had Bibles and Alex was the fourth. The bible is highly needed here. 
The man on left was being officiated to pastor the
Macedonian call to the L.Victoria basins
Local  Church. On light is his father thanking God.

We have suggested to have a pastoral conference in this village, this year. We will be emphasizing on how to preach from the Bible. As we attended this event, we discovered that most us here preach but not from the Bible. If God allows, we will be teaching this, to the village pastors around lake Victoria. 

one step at a time
Someone has compared Lungala Bible Ministries as slow moves/ steps of an elephant. Where it steps, it leaves a mark. In our slow steps, every place we go to, the Lord allows us leave a life transforming step/ a mark in the lives of people. If you want more Information about this conference, and how to donate towards its preparations  contact us.
As we said above, these are the figures of people who received Jesus, last year 2017: both high school ministry and as a community church.
v  High school Ministry 29 students
v  Under Community Church (either through evangelism or Sunday services) 45 people
v  Dedication of three covenant babies
We believe that above people is a visible church ; that God has put us here to pastor and lead to spiritual maturity as He still a veils His grace to us. Continue to pray for them.

new piglets
Good News from our pigery farm, our black-white sports pig gave birth to 12 piglets L You remember the first one gave birth to 5. We really give praise to God. We now have bigger farm with a lot of feeding. A few village members have taken up our methods (simple methods of raring pigs) and have started this project in their homes.
As a ministry, we also love to do humanitarian and charitable work to village communities.

Prayer requests
Ø  Paving the church
Ø  Conference (Pastors' conference)
Ø  Buying a ministry Land
Ø  Donations to buying Bibles
In the Lamb
Alex and Simon (Uganda, Africa).