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February ministry news

Our greetings to you in our Saviour’s precious name Jesus. Its our honor to share with you what our Lord Jesus has done here. February has been such a tedious moth for us. 
We will always thank you for your prayers and encouraging emails/phone calls etc. We would not reach this far if it wasn’t God's surpassing grace exhibited in your prayers. As I say this, am reminded of infallible words;  
The steps of a man are established by  the Lord, when He delights in his way; though he falls, he shall not be cast headlong, for the Lord upholds his hand. (Psalm 37:23-24) ESV.  )
That text above has been of great encouragement to us. ‘The Lord's surpassing greatness expressed through His Word to those that serve Him'. It is a great spiritual encouragement to us. 
In this month, we had a vision casting meeting for Christianity Explored with High school students. In the process, also met the headmaster. As it is our custom, we normally meet the heads of school before we start the program. This is what he said, “I love your Christian programs, they have helped to re-shape the students who have been part of them. Some of the students you led were chased from many schools due to their indiscipline. But when you taught them the Word of God, they have totally reformed.”  
To us as a ministry, it was humbling. In otherwise, the headmaster was reassuring us that God hascalled us to the youth ministry. Below is a picture of new enrolled students at St. Johns' Secondary School. Alex on left and he was training them. And in their hands are Christianity Explored books.  

Alex leading the SOUL discipleship class at st Johns high schoo

We are hoping this class will compose of 12 students. We normally enroll fewer students because of few materials and other logistics involved.Uganda has 85% youths, you discover that tomorrow’s church here will depend on how these youths have been evangelized disciples and to carry on the great commission of the church. Friends, the above percent is huge, it might not be only Alex and Simon to carry on this work, you could also be involved

On left is  a caption of University youths. These students came from around four universities around Kampala City.  
The THEME was ‘Entrepreneurship'We had professionals from working fields, whom we invited to come and speak to youths on how to start small scale businesses after school. As you know, I and Simon we love farming and as well as serving God in this ministry. Simon told them how they could rare pigs or local chickens eve in while still Schooling. Since then, we have had a couple youths who have wanted to come and visit our piggery project and see how we work it out.  
We had three speakers and  Pr. Pius who came on the side of sharing the gospel with them. Five students came to Jesus. The rest of speakers challenged youths on how to start small scale business. Simon does a lot to mobilize these youths. he also does the mid week discipleship classes with these youths.  We thank God for this event. It went well.  

The photos below, we had visited a brethren who lives in a distant village from where we live. Few of us, we had gone as church members to encourage him and also share the message of comfort with him. Where he lives, it’s a stone throw and there is altars for Satanic worship. Brethren it is still perturbing to us, why would people choose to in inherit Satanic/ demons!! Am thinking of compelling a paper about this of which I will share with you if your interested to read it. So, this brethren and his family (Frank Mugura) need prayers to remain as a light in such a community
Frank at the new place with the children
Frank,Fred,Alex,Guofry,wife and children from the left  

Lungala Community Bible Church is doing well, continuing to impact the lives of people around it. Bellow is a picture of one of the fellowship, bible study meeting. I (Alex) and Simon usually don’t lead them purposely, we want to train some church leaders to be able to take the leading of other fellowships this church has opened out in the community. So far, this church has three extended fellowships which meet once a month, all of them led by church members. When we attend them, we feel blessed, members are picking on well with good bible teaching.

Our farm
As our pigs increase, we decided to set up another structure. As you see in the pictures, that new structure will be finished soon so that the young ones can occupy it. We know most of you have never seen any where such a thing, on our farm we use simple concepts to keep our things moving without too much costs.