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September 2018 News

“Now those who were scattered went about preaching the Word. Philip went down to the city of Samaria and proclaimed to them the Christ. And the crowds with one accord paid attention to what was being said by Philip when they heard him and saw the signs that he did”  (Acts 8:4-6).

We see Phillip, a servant of the most high God, travelling from village to village, preaching the gospel to the Israelites. The persecution which broke out in Jerusalem and scattered the believers, did not change the motive in Phillip’s heart to proclaim Christ.

It’s upon such a background that we share with you how Lungala Bible Ministries Uganda came to meet Mrs. Norah, a lay leader in Nsumba church (A church near the shores of Lake Victoria). We met her through the ministry of Bible distribution and Pastors’ ministry. Alex met Norah when he was visiting a village church to speak on ‘The importance of studying the Bible’. As he was speaking, she took an interest in the activities of Lungala Bible Ministries Uganda. Since then she has been taking Bibles to her village friends and church members.

Norah receiving Bibles
She was one of the mobilizers we worked with during the pastors’ conference we had recently in July 9th-11th. Since then, she has occasionally got Bibles from us. The Bibles that Alex is giving her, she is taking to an Island on L. Victoria.

These are some of the areas where we have travelled to preach in churches, and hold small meetings to teach pastors about the need for a Christian to have a Bible.

Bugiga Mission Trip:
We are preparing to have a discipleship training seminar for three days in Bugiga Island on Lake Victoria. It is about 12 km from the mainland, and we will have to use a ferry to cross over there. It will go from 9th to 11th November. Norah will partner with us as we plan forward for this mission. In the mornings we will be doing door-to-door evangelism on Bugiga Island, and then in the afternoon we will have training for church leaders. We hope to train about 40 leaders, and then in the evening we will show the Jesus film.

We repeatedly say that most church leaders here have little or no Bible school training. So, for us to get an opportunity to reach out to them is a great ministry opportunity. These are servants of the Lord who have passion for the ministry. And while the inner call is very important, it's also very important to have training for ministry. Therefore we will soon start preparing for these teaching sessions, and if you’re interested in being a part of this, please let us know as soon as you can. We will also need to take Bibles with us.

We therefore ask you to consider praying for this training; for Bibles; and for supporting us. If you want to know more details as to how you can support us financially, please e-mail us for more information.

Ministry of the Bible
What we have discovered in this ministry is that most people in the villages find it hard to buy a Bible. This is because Bibles are generally only available in towns, while these church leaders live in remote areas. Actually most of these may not even know where to obtain Bibles. Luganda or Rukiga Bibles cost much more than what the income of village people will allow. Therefore, a village believer will find it very had to take a taxi and go to Kampala to buy a Bible. It will cost them too much. This is why Lungala Bible Ministries Uganda brings this ministry to local village people, and is why it is a crucial part of why we are here. It is the DNA of this ministry.

Recently Ishah got herself a Bible. She was a Muslim who came from an Islamic family, and was converted during our door-to-door evangelism. We thank God that when family members and her husband heard that she received Jesus, they did not persecute her. She comes to church early each Sunday to attend our morning devotion before the main service begins. Some of you will have seen photos of her when she had just joined our church; she used to cover herself with Muslim dress attire. Slowly she is starting to enjoy the beauty of being a Christian.

Ishah receiving her Bible

The picture below is our Thursday Bible study meeting, where Mrs. Nalukenge gave her life to Jesus (She is on the right hand corner wearing a green T-shirt). It is during such meetings with this group that we get to train them how to share the gospel. It's only Nalukenge who can’t share the gospel yet because she is just a new-born Christian. The rest we have been with in the field to share the gospel.

Thursday Bible study meeting

The group below is part of our mid-week discipleship program in the village. Facing the camera is Joyce, who passionately serves the Lord during our pastoral visits. Recently Alex went with her to the home of Monicah, who in her 50's turned to Jesus. When Joyce shared her testimony with her, Monicah's home life was difficult; she struggled with the powers of darkness; and is raising four kids as a single mother. Monicah finally received Jesus as her Saviour.

Village discipleship group

Provision of Bibles
Praise the Lord; we are excited to tell you that the Lord has provided some needed Bibles through some of our supporters in New Zealand. Here is a very happy Alex after collecting the Bibles from the Bible Society in Kampala.

This will always be a need, so please continue to help us by providing Bibles. We are very grateful for the ways in which God has used you to partner us. We are encouraged by your messages and comments which confirm that you have a loving concern for this ministry and its growth.

Good Things Happening on Our Farm
We have good news to you about our farming. Two of our pigs have given birth. One gave birth to 9 piglets and the other 7.  

Nine piglets
Seven piglets

Prayer requests

1. Ministry Land

2. Mission trip to the island on Lake Victoria

3. The discipleship follow-up programs in villages

4. Provision to print Luganda Christianity Explored booklet

5. Ministry financial support (we are in a critical time)

6. Further provision of Luganda Bibles for the village Churches.