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October 2018 News

And Paul went in, as was his custom, and on three Sabbath days he reasoned with them from the Scriptures, explaining and proving that it was necessary for the Christ to suffer and rise from the dead... (Acts 17:2-3). 

Below are students at St. John's; and during our Christianity Explored discipleship program they have progressed into the fourth week of study. This is the second year in which we have been ministering to youth groups, and it has been a real blessing to share the message of Christ with them.

As we have said in our old ministry reports, ‘Christianity in Africa is a mile wide but an inch deep’. Therefore it is essential that we teach believers the fundamental truths of the Scriptures so that they will grow in their faith, and be able to reason and think through the Scriptures in their daily life; as the Apostle Paul did the with the Thessalonians (see the verses above.) 

Third from the left in the photo above is Jackline, a Seventh Day Adventist who has passionately been part of this Christianity Explored program. She, and a few others with her, have had many questions to ask me concerning their faith. Jackline has not come to Jesus yet; but we hope that the Lord will enlighten her heart and lead her to faith in His own timing. This group is composed of 11 students (some have dropped out). We will be giving out certificates to them very soon as a sign that they have finished this program.

Ministry of the Bible
The Bible has continued to be the key to this ministry. Below is Alex handing Bibles to Mr. Kefa, a lay leader from a nearby church. He has been receiving Bibles from us since we started this ministry, and continues to take them to his church members. Mr. Kefa says he has opened a campaign at his church called 'Bible Operation'. Norah (who lives near Lake Victoria) did a similar campaign at her church, and a number of believers there have received Bibles from us. Mrs. Norah’s story was shared in last month's report. These are a few church leaders among many who are passionate about what this ministry offers to local churches.

Mr. Kefa receiving Bibles

Because of the ministry of the Bible, we have twice been invited to speak at village churches. At the first one we had to speak at a night session, and many believers were encouraged to hear about the importance of the Bible. 

At the second, being invited by Mr. Kefa, we spoke on the topic ‘The importance of the Bible to a Christian’. The congregation was mainly teenagers, ranging from 10 to 25 years. After the message, we had 20 youths and parents receive Bibles from us. In a congregation of 50 youths, there were only five who had a Bible. 

In the community where this church is located, there are over 12 places where witchdoctors call on demons. It was there where three Muslims told us never to share the gospel with them during our door to door evangelism. They told us that they have witchdoctors and they don’t consent to Christianity. Over the years that we have done evangelism in this region, we have never experienced such a group of people who are not receptive to the Word of Christ. 

These speaking engagements about the Bible are partly the result of the city pastor who has occasionally abused the readers of ESV; Good News; and other local language Bibles which compare with these translations. So, this has left many believers and churches totally helpless. Therefore, our encouragement to these brethren is to make Bibles available to them, and to teach and disciple them. As a result, Uganda will have strong churches which can stand for the faith of our Lord and Saviour Jesus in the midst of critics and worldly challenges. 

Lungala Community Church is slowly growing. For the last few weeks we have had some new people join us. Last Sunday we had Sylvia and her brother from a different village join our church. They were happy to be with us. They had searched around looking for an evangelical church; and the Lord led them to Lungala Community Bible Church.

Our church sometimes supports single mothers or fathers, whose partners have either died, or have abandoned them. We found that this is the only way we can share God's love and compassion with them. We continue to exhibit this especially to the families who have little support in their villages.

Our Sunday school has no shelter in which to meet, so the kids gather on our home porch. Recently, one of the kids smashed the glass in one of our doors during their worship time. But in spite of these sort of things, the Lord is faithful; he has kept us going and bringing people to know Him. Now the kids are able to memorize scriptures and sing Christian worship songs. We say this because many of the families (actually 90%) didn't have much idea about Christianity. Some came from Islamic background; and to see them singing songs of worship to our Lord Jesus is tremendous. Sometimes when it rains, the Sunday school has to stop because the rain comes into the porch too.

Sunday School children

Our third pig gave its first delivery to five piglets. Unfortunately it happened at night and we lost three of them; only two survived. Sometimes animals need help with birthing, especially if it's the first time. The picture shows all our piglets and how they are growing.

We want to thank you for continuing to pray for us and support us. Your support has enabled us to reach this far in our ministry. Please join us in thanking God for His faithfulness; for the lives He has transformed in our community; and also that we are surviving in the midst of challenges.  We continue to stand firm in our calling. Please consider to pray for the ministry land; graduation of high school youths; and financial provision for this ministry. 

Yours in the service of Christ,

Alex and Simon