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November 2018 News

“It implies that the gospel will go to all of the elect. The redemptive truth must go to the ends of the earth inasmuch as there are elect in ‘…every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation’ (Rev. 5:9). Paul, realizing this, was willing to suffer during his ministry since he knew that he endured ‘… all things for the elect’s sakes, that they also obtain the salvation which is in Christ Jesus with eternal glory’ (2 Tim. 2:10). This has been true missionary motivation” (Kenneth Good, Lost and found).

It’s such a blessing to bring to you our second-to-last newsletter for this year. November was meant to be a special month for us, in which we had planned to have two special missions: graduation of high school students under our discipleship programs (Christianity Explored); and the evangelism mission on Lake Victoria Island. But even though we were unable to accomplish them, we highly appreciated your prayers for those activities. We hope the Lord will enable us to achieve them next year. As we were planning for these missions, the words of Kenneth Good were of great encouragement. Though we are only a small ministry, we remain fully committed to evangelism missions wherever God leads us to share the gospel with people.

In the picture below, we were meeting our long time New Zealand friends who are here in Uganda for a short term visit. We had a great time catching up together again 😊. They had been serving the Lord in Uganda for over 5 years with a certain NGO for orphaned kids. Warwick and Marilyn have been a great contributing factor to the ministry we lead now. They used to visit us in high school, and have been an encouragement to us since then. When school was getting more difficult, especially for Alex, they used to come and pray for us. We really thank God for them - for their kindness and long term relationship.

Warwick & Marilyn Dingle

Below is part of Mamma Proscovia’s family (the one I had an accident with on our motor bike as we were heading for ministry in the villages). As you can see, the Lord has healed her. The photo was taken when they showed up very early at church one Sunday. Mamma Proscovia is on the second from left holding a baby. She recently brought her oldest daughter Milly to greet us, and also for us to pray for her. Milly (in blue long dress), in the course of prayer, gave her life to Jesus!!! She now works in Asia, and is fully secure in the Lord Jesus. Proscovia is a single mother who is totally committed to Jesus, and has persuaded all her family to come to Jesus. She is part of this church.

If you haven’t seen any images of our church and home compound, here they are!

Mamma Proscovia cleaning the church chairs

Scovia with her daughter washing the church tent 

Nakaye has trained some teenage girls to sing, so we now have a small choir (Below). She has also trained the Sunday school children how to read the Bible. Actually, during the morning devotion today with Simon leading, Nakandi, who is part of the Sunday school, led the reading and helped alongside Simon.

As you might know, church planting is a difficult and challenging work to do. But when you see God raising up servants and fellow ministers, you just have to praise His name. Furthermore, a few girls from the Sunday school have now started to come earlier to set up the church and arrange it for the whole service. This is how God is raising up church leaders here in our simple church. 

You might remember that we talked about Mugura in the August newsletter and blog. His life has had an amazing turn-around from satanic worship; drugs and alcohol. Then he came to Jesus, and his whole life has changed. He lives in another village where believers had no Bibles, but he has put in a lot of effort to come and get Bibles for them – he walks 7 km to get to our home for Bibles. Mugura is poor and earns little money. But he is happy because he has a Bible; he helps others to get Bibles; and He preaches the gospel. Below is a photo of him getting more Bibles.

We would appreciate your prayers for the following
  1. Please pray for Milly as a new Christian in a Muslim country, and that she will make connection with some Christians there
  2. Winning souls for Christ in this community
  3. Financial provision for the ministry and Bibles
  4. Ministry land
Blessings to you all,

Alex and Simon.