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December 2018 News

It is our pleasure to bring you good news about the family of Male; his wife  Babirye; their son; and Male’s grandmother, Mamma Pauline. With such great joy, we want to thank God so much for shining His light on this family which had lived in darkness for ages (right from their grandparents).

Simon with Male, Babirye, and their boy
As Lungala Community Bible Church we had a week of fasting and praying at the beginning of this month; praying that God through His Spirit would convert the souls of our village friends and transform their lives to know Him.

We decided to do this after discovering that our community has got a lot of people who believe and practice witchcraft. We have been reluctant to communicate this because we realized that very few people knew about it. Even we ourselves hardly understood the intensity of this practice and belief, until God saved some ladies in our church who had been taking part in witchcraft.

Prayer and fasting meeting
Anyway,  Male came to Jesus on 2rd December, along with his family and their grandmother before the church. The congregation was so happy and showed them a warm welcome in the house of God.

We did not know that he had been a witchdoctor, but when Simon announced the fasting period to the congregation, he showed up the following day. It wasn't until the third day of our fasting that he called Alex and asked if he could help him and guide him away from witchcraft. Male said to Alex: “I have been practicing witchcraft since 2006. Can you help me to burn all the witchcraft stuff? But will it not turn on me and kill me?” From Alex’s brotherly chat with Male after his conversion, he said he was too tired of serving Satan.  Friends, witchcraft is real, and you can only be kept away from it if you’re in Christ. If you’re not covered with the blood of Jesus, it can even back fire and kill you (Mark 9:14-29).  Male says that there were too many demands on him from demons, and his life and family were always having problems. You may remember sometime back that we wrote shortly about child sacrifice in Uganda, and that one of the leading causes of this is witchcraft! Up to this day there are reports in newspapers about innocent young kids being sacrificed for satanic worship. Now that we have seen Male coming to Jesus, we know that God is restoring peace in the hearts of people in Uganda and Africa.

Second from the left is Male (in black and white striped tee-shirt), and Pauline on the left. Pauline (who is in her 70s) inherited witchcraft from her grandparents. You can see how Satan can hold families for a long time.

You might be interested in knowing how Male found out about our church. Some time ago we were doing door-to-door evangelism in the evening and we came to Pauline’s home and shared the gospel with her. She refused to receive Jesus, but she allowed us to pray with her before we left. After a period of roughly 8 months, her grandson Male built near her home. He shared with her how he was tired of witchcraft. Pauline told him that she would guide him to our church where he could receive help. Finally, early one Sunday morning, they came to our church, and finally they both received Jesus as Saviour and Lord. They brought two sacks full of spears, knives, pipes, and bark clothes etc. – the things they were using to call and serve demons. We burnt all this as you see in the pictures.

These are the things he used in the satanic shrine. Some of this stuff was unknown to Male as he was told never to open the bags to see what was inside them.

That is how easily witchcraft can blind people. I opened the bags and called him to see what was in there. Some of the church members were there, but others feared to come as they thought it might attack them.

On the left is Alex unfolding the things Male was using at the shrine.
On the right, they are all being burned. Hallelujah!                                                                                                        

Let's continue to pray for the many witchdoctors in this community and district that they might come to know the truth and receive Jesus. We need to share the gospel, and love these people who are held in darkness. 

Our ministry is making progressive changes, and in many ways touching the lives of people through the gospel. Despite the many stumbling blocks we face, we praise the Lord that His message is reaching out to people.  

We have a couple of other things to report to you. The Lord has done great things to this ministry. Since we started this ministry (in our house to start with) we did not have a pulpit. So we have been using chairs to place our books or Bibles on during the preaching sessions. Therefore it has been of interest to us as a church to buy a pulpit. We started saving towards it, and this month the Lord enabled us buy one, and here it is. Simon did a lot of work to order it and bring it from Kampala out to where we live.

Secondly, Alex was invited to a three day conference, where he spoke about the 'Importance of a Bible for a Christian’. It was a joyous time, and many brethren regained their love for Bibles. This department has steadily gained momentum with the churches and village people we reach out to. It was a village organized conference where there were about 100 people from near-by churches. This is again where I met a pastor leading a local church who had a Bible which was old, with some chapters torn or missing. This servant of the Lord told me that at their church there was a great need for Bibles, but the cost of local language Bibles was too high for them to afford – even for the pastor! So, we will try to stand with this church and make Bibles available to them at affordable prices. 

As a ministry, we take this moment to wish you a fantastic 2019 and a blessed Merry Christmas.

Prayer requests
  1. Pray for the family of Male to stand strong in the Lord.
  2. Provision for this ministry, and Bibles for the village people.
  3. Wisdom as we lead this ministry
Love to you all, and thanks so much for your support.

Alex and Simon.