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January 2019 News

Psalm 98:1-4  A Psalm. Oh sing to the LORD a new song, for he has done marvelous things! His right hand and his holy arm have worked salvation for him. 2 The LORD has made known his salvation; he has revealed his righteousness in the sight of the nations. 3 He has remembered his steadfast love and faithfulness to the house of Israel. All the ends of the earth have seen the salvation of our God. 4 Make a joyful noise to the LORD, all the earth; break forth into joyous song and sing praises!

As a ministry, we want to thank the Lord God Almighty for the great things He has done in 2018. As the Psalmist has put it – He has done, and will continue to do great things, especially saving people and showing us His righteousness, and His steadfast love and faithfulness. Therefore we joyfully give thanks to the Lord for the people that He saved last year, and we still trust that He will continue to save more people this year, and faithfully lead them through life. 

Please join with us as we praise Him for what He has done over the past few years; and also join with us in prayer that He will continue to draw people to Himself this year.

This morning at 4:10am Male’s wife Babirye gave birth to a baby boy😊 According to Male she got labor pains at midnight. It was dark and there was no transport available. They waited up to 4:00am, but it got worse. Male called us, and Alex went to save her. I arrived with the motor bike, and we were trying to carry her and put her on; but that's when she started to give birth. She was screaming in the dark and gave birth right on the roadside. I had to leave them there and drive off to look for a qualified nurse. This was not an easy experience for me. Most clinics were closed, but finally I found one. They were checked, and later I took them to the hospital for the baby to be immunized. They are now in good condition. 
Below is an old photo of Simon; Male; Babirye; and their other child.

Above is Henry with his family. We knew Henry before we went to Bible College, and we have known Deborah since 2009 when we were living with Dean and Sherrilyn in Ruwero district (Uncle Dean and Madam). So they have been very close friends. Henry has been a pastor for some good time, even when he was still in Uganda, and they were great encouragement to our church. Henry is now pastoring a church in Abu Dhabi. He also works there and comes to Uganda once in a while. It was great hearing from him how Christianity is going in such an Islam country. He said that if someone is convicted of sharing the gospel in United Arab Emirates he could face life imprisonment. Henry says that when they are sharing the gospel, they have to be very careful.

Above is Deborah ministering to the kids at our church. This was a second time she has visited our church, and she was very happy to see that the ministry has grown from what she had previously seen. 

A new local program; Community enhancement
This is an income support program for our community. It is a well-developed strategy where widows and single mothers are given piglet(s) from our farm.

How is this done?
The committee singles out a particularly needful person (single mother or widow) who will be faced with the challenge of constructing a pig sty with their own resources, and buying at least one sack of maize flour to feed the piglets.  We will give each needy person a free piglet from our farm, and we will follow up to see its growth.

How we got to the place of being able to do this
Alex and Simon have become experienced pig-farmers over the last three years while we have been in Mpigi district.  As you well know, we operate farming alongside pastoring this community church; and also taking spiritual oversight in other community organization programs. This means we can help people with advice in pig rearing. We will help them with simple treatment skills and vaccination. I and Simon normally want to do things simple but unique. We have a saying here, which we think relates very much with this topic of enabling single mothers and widows make an income - “Omumpi wakoma wakwata” - which translated means - “Where a short man touches, is where he reaches. Application -‘In our small capacity as the Lord leads us, we will try to stand with these mums’. There are mothers out there who love the Lord and would do a lot more if they had some income to enable them.  Our piggery farming has been great in supporting this ministry. We think it will be a great supporting tool to economically empower these mothers.

Further updates about Harriet
Her health has greatly improved, and her spiritual life has also grown. This month she received a Bible from us, and when we went to encourage her and pray together, we found her reading it. She was very encouraged to own a Bible; she had never had a one before. She is now strong enough to walk for some short distances and to do some house work. You may remember from our May and June Newsletters last year that she gave her life to Jesus after having spent a long time in witchcraft. When we met her she could not walk; she could not even attend to her garden. With the other ladies in the church we threw away all the things she had got from witchdoctors and since then her life has changed.

Our Monday evangelism
We met Namyange Jalia (Jalia’s husband is a Sheik at three Mosques in our Mpigi district. A Sheik is someone who teaches and leads Muslim rituals in Mosques). Simon and I have known this family for two years now. While we were sharing the gospel with her, she told us that she had always wanted to come to our home and let us know that she wanted to know more about Christianity and our farming project. In the course of us sharing the gospel with her, and of her reading the Bible, she finally said she wanted to receive Jesus as her personal Saviour. However, she did this in secret as it is life threatening for her. She asked us to arrange a meeting with her husband and share the same message with him. Unless her husband comes to Jesus, her salvation and prayer time has to be kept secret. She says that if other Moslems came to know she has received Jesus, they will attack them and cause a great injury to her family.

We wish to remind you again to rejoice in the Lord for the great salvation he has endowed on His chosen ones.

Prayer requests
  1. Provision for ministry and Bibles
  2. That Male's wife Babirye and her baby will continue to improve
  3. Provision for graduating high school students and village discipleship attendees
May the endless Love of God be with you.

Alex and Simon