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February 2019 News

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”  Matthew 28:19-20       

This command and promise to all Christians has been very significant for us. It’s exciting when you are able to go to all peoples and share the Good News with them; even when they may not necessarily like what you're doing. We have had a wonderful time sharing the gospel.

This month we had scheduled a meeting with Jalia’s husband. We talked about Jalia and her husband in our last month's report. The meeting went well. Our meeting was specifically to share the gospel with her husband who is a Sheik at three Mosques in our district. Our meeting has been delayed for many days due to the fact that we have had many other responsibilities to attend to. We went with a few church members and after looking for about ten minutes, we found him digging in the sugar-cane garden. We had been calling and whistling through the bushes; listening for a response. Finally he came through the tall; thick sugar-canes, with his panga (African long and heavy knife) and stick in his hands, and with his dog following him.

He welcomed us in his grass thatched house which he set up in his garden for shelter. Male shared with him his testimony about how God saved him from witchcraft and all satanic worship. This Muslim man was surprised that we could burn such satanic things through Jesus’ name. In his words he said “For me, I cannot tamper with Satan to burn the things used in his worship”. After this I took him through the gospel of John 1:11-13 and 1John 1:7-10

He was not argumentative as you know most Sheiks would be. By the time we had finished, ten more ladies and men had joined us. Some of them were fellow Muslims that go to the same Mosque he leads. None of them were aggressive to the gospel presentation. After we shared the gospel, they asked us to pray for them; although no one came to Jesus. We were very thankful to God for a friendly atmosphere where we could share His Word with people who don’t believe that Jesus is the Son of God; but who were still willing to listen.
We thank the Lord for the ladies and men who are becoming gospel focused in this ministry, and willing to reach out to the lost in our community. I have habitually heard some ladies say ‘This year, I want to serve the Lord faithfully’. This statement rejuvenates us. These are ladies who were strongly involved in witchcraft, and now the Lord is using them to serve Him. We are all the happier with what we see happening.

Ministry opportunities
Alex had a teaching engagement in our nearby village. He was invited by Pishon River Church to preach there; and it went well. (Photo below) The session started in the evening because most of the churchgoers have to work in the gardens in the morning. The congregation liked Alex's teaching; and after he had finished, they decided to invite us as a ministry to run a program where we will give them more teaching. They will soon confirm when that will be.
Consider praying for us, that God will give us wisdom, and that we impact the lives of these village churches.

Alex also had a preaching engagement in a Kampla city suburb church. (Photo below) He was invited by our fellow brother in Christ, Pastor Oyeti, who with his dear wife and two kids is serving the Lord in this Church. We had a great time at what is only a newly planted church. After about 20 minutes of preaching, it started to rain. I tried to compete with heavy rain sounds on the roof, but it was impossible. Therefore, we had to wait about 40 minutes, after which we carried on preaching.

High school Youth Ministry and village trainings
These trainings have resumed, and we hope by the end of March to be graduating those who will have completed the Christianity Explored series. Some of the participants are really doing well, and are growing spiritually through these Bible programs. You would be surprised if I read for your some of their responses. For example; Kagwa Deo, who is in a village program, is ahead of the most participants. His reading and explaining the Bible is improving greatly; and when he is sharing the Word, there is a strong motive and passion in his heart. 

Children serving the Lord at our Church
You should hear the wonderful praise and worship that comes from the mouths of the kids below. Nakaye who leads them has been doing a great work with these village kids. And guess what? We will have a vibrant choir in the coming years.

The kids below come very early every Sunday to set up the church for worship.They love to serve the Lord in this way. When they are done, we have a cup of tea and breakfast together with them. Gloria is not in the photo, but she is part of the team.  We love them, and encourage them to love God. Their parents did not know God, but some of them do now. 

Solar powered lighting for our Church
This month, we were able to purchase a solar panel for church lighting. We have been using kerosene lamps and candles during our evening prayer meetings; especially when we were delayed and it got dark. Sometimes there was no way you could read. It has been a long time that we have been praying and trusting the Lord for this provision; and eventually the Lord responded 😊 No more darkness now. 

We want to thank the Lord that He is growing this church ministry in many ways. At least once a week we get testimonies from people about how this church has reached out to them or their families. Despite the fact that we live amongst many people who don’t want to go to church; there is also a large group of people who love our work here and who consistently encourage us. 

Prayer request:
 1. We are planning to have a women's conference before May. Please pray about it.
 2. Pray that this ministry will impact the lives of many people in this village.
 3. That the Lord will supply support for this ministry.
 4. Pray for women in our Lungala Community Bible Church to continue to be zealous in serving
         the Lord. 
     5. Pray for the kids serving at our Church, that they will become strong Christians as they grow
         up, and that they will be a witness to their families.

Thank you for your ongoing interest and support,

Alex and Simon