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March 2019 news

Uganda is fine, except that we have had a long dry season. We haven’t had the rain that we thought we would get. Dust is everywhere, and it is hot here with 270C. That may not seem so hot for many of you, especially when we live near the equator; but for us it feels very hot.

Meeting with pastors in Western Uganda

This month has been one of the busiest months for us; almost no rest. On 9th -10th March, we travelled to Western Uganda to the district of Kyegegwa to meet with church leaders. This is one of the districts with many refugees from Kigali, Congo and Rwanda. It is a remote area, and we had to drive over 20 km from the Mubende-Kasese Main road. I went with Koki and Pr. Geoffrey; pastors who were thrilled to have us take our ministry there.  Some of the pastors who attended our one day conference were pastoring Churches in these refugee camps.

Alex was speaking about church planting and the joy of in-depth Bible reading. Simon and I have known Koki for close to 5 years, and I (Alex) was pleased to serve with him. It was a pleasure to catch up again. We will be hosting him and his family this Sunday at our church, as he will be preaching about ‘God’s design plan for marriage’. It was unfortunate that we could not take a box of Bibles; as the Bible Society (which publishes and circulates Bibles across Uganda) had run out of stock. We hope they will have them by April or May this year. Most believers say there is no easy access to Bibles in this region.

The building below is a church where we met. We will be having another ministry opportunity with this village church again, and we plan to take them Bibles, as this is one of their greatest needs. Another real need is for Bible ministry training; and we believe that God has called us to reach out to such churches in order to train them for church ministry. We consider that Bible training ministry is very essential; especially in remote village churches where many pastors haven’t been to Bible training colleges. 

We then headed to Fort Portal, and then through to Kasese. We enjoyed driving for 72km around the beautiful scenery of Rwenzori mountain ranges; which are also called the 'mountains of the moon' in Uganda.

After ministry in Kyegegwa, on 15th, I picked up Stanley from Gaba, Kampala. He wanted to see us and find out what we are doing. We heard that he was back from NZ where he had been doing studies. Stanley is now doing orphanage ministry in Mombasa- Kenya with a charitable organization. 

Meeting with Stanley

Stanley also had an opportunity to meet our high school youths and interact with them. It’s a group of six students, and we use Christianity Explored materials. 

We are now on the last session of Christianity Explored before we finish. Simon is working on certificates which we will be giving to each student who completes the course. The graduation will also include the village people who use Christianity Explored Luganda materials -- although they have been slow to finish. 

After returning back from the meeting in Kyegegwa, Simon also had to head to Busia in Eastern Uganda with Jovia and Koki.  They went and returned on the same day. Their main theme was to encourage Pastors to read the Bible; since this is their role and responsibility as church leaders.

Borehole project

We want to thank you so much for praying for the borehole project. As a ministry we thought it would be a great idea for our community to have a borehole for the supply of water. The six men are doing a great job at Joyce’s home where it is being dug. This great work is being done by MISSION WATER. They have already reached the water level, so we think this week they will finish. Then our community will have easily accessible water. Our community is very happy and they can’t wait for it to be finished. In the middle of the picture is Simon helping on the community borehole.

We were very happy to see some of these drilling men show up at church to worship with us. Kamukama, who is one of the workers, gave his life to Jesus. What a blessing to do such a good work from a heart that has been regenerated by the working hand of God, and flows out with charitable works!

The picture below was taken during a Sunday service when we were praying for the Sunday school – as it is our routine. We also had a dedication of Zainah’s two weeks old baby boy, along with Deo; the grandfather to the baby. This is now the fifth baby to be born in our church family. We have a saying in one of our local dialects, ‘emiti emito gyigumiza ekibira’. Translated it means: 'Young trees in the bush make it thicker in the future'. The application of this saying is that, babies/young kids will maintain the future church in a more glorious state.   Therefore, we must care for them, and bring them up in a Godly way that will stimulate them to do God’s work when they grow up. As you have always seen, our Sunday school is growing. They normally meet at our house porch. The rainy season is now on, so we don’t know where they will be meeting. Pray for a shelter for the school Sunday. 

Our prayer requests 

  • Please pray for graduation of high school discipleship students, and also those are on village trainings at our church. We would like this to be done early April. High school students are on last session to finish.
  • Pray for ministry provision as there is a great need for a Sunday school shelter.
  • Pray also for ministry land

May love be with you all in Christ Jesus. Amen.

Alex and Simon