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April 2019

We hope you had a good Easter season. We always praise the Lord for watching over you and keeping you by His grace.

Our Easter went well. We had a great time worshipping our Saviour Jesus Christ. Pastor Simon took us through the gospel of Luke 24:18…, explaining to us the purpose of Easter: ‘We see many people at Easter carrying images that portray the death of Jesus, with sad faces portraying sorrow; but as true regenerated Christians, the death of Jesus brings us joy, and His resurrection comes with eternal hope that He will raise us up again to live with Him forever’. Our church was full.

Josephine and Reste, who along with their families had been attending churches in Kampala, have decided to become members of our church. It is 30km from Kampala to Mpigi where we are, and for a Ugandan without a car, it is a long distance to have to go by taxi, and can take a lot of time. However they say they had looked around and had failed to find a local church with sound doctrine. After attending our church for two Sundays, they made up their mind to join us (they came to know about our church after making inquiries from a church member we have been praying with). These two ladies have not come alone to seek God; they have come with all their kids and family members - except their husbands who are still far from God. Josephine bought an African drum for the church to use during worship.

At this point, we can say ‘praise God!!' This church is taking roots in the lives of people in this community, but it has not been a smooth road. As you have been following our ministry updates, our community -generally the Mawokota region - have a number of people who are so much involved in demonic worship. A few weeks ago, there were two village families accused of bringing in witchcraft that left two people dead. The local defense, together with village people, brought in what they called a superior witchdoctor to take demons from these families that had killed two people. You can’t imagine the chaos there was in our village.  The village people wanted to kill the other family! Very sad story.

As a church, we had previously been to share the gospel with the family of Nankya; but she had rejected the good news. After the accusations against her mentioned above, I went with Proscovia from our church.  We found Nankya in tears as she told us “I was nearly killed”. I could not wait any longer, I led her to Christ. She received Jesus, along with other ladies who had come to visit her😊. They also made a decision to come to our church, and we encouraged them to get Bibles when they come. When we see the Lord taking steps in the hearts of such people, how can we not but praise God!

At Easter, the kids watched THE PASSION OF CHRIST movie in our living room. The Sunday school kids still meet on our porch when there is no rain, or not too much sunshine; otherwise they meet in our home. We still trust the Lord for provision to build them a shelter which we can also use as a storeroom for the church items. Nakaye, one of the Sunday school teachers, has done a great work with the kids. Now we hear some of the kids praying and singing in the church.

Sunday school kids in our living room

Last Friday, five high school students graduated from our discipleship training, after completing a ten session course in the gospel of Mark. At the beginning we had 12 students, but as the course went on some of them dropped out. Those who were patient to the end of the course wrote a one page testimony, some of which we will include in the May newsletter. On Sunday we had 4 village people, from our church and other churches, also being given certificates from the same training

High school students at discipleship training

Joyce’s water borehole is finished. Joyce is one of the ladies from our church who turned to Jesus for refuge after a long period of being involved in witchcraft. She has very interesting testimonies. Satan had held her in bondage for a long time. Also, she is one of the beneficiaries of the pig project we run from our farm, and her piglet looks beautiful.

Celebrating completion of borehole
Having water nearby will help her to look after her piglet(s).  We are still encouraging other single mothers to build their pigsties and have maize feed, so that we can give them a free piglet. Many community members near Joyce's place have got good access to that borehole water. This saves them having to go long distances to fetch water. 

Borehole outside Joyce's home

The piglets we gave to different ladies are being taken good care of and they are growing well. We now have three pigs ready to give birth, and today one black pig give birth to four little white ones (photo below). It is from these ones that other village ladies will be gifted their piglets this month.

Cute little piglets

In May we will be having an evangelism outreach on Buyiga Island on Lake Victoria. You probably remember that this mission had failed some time ago. So, I received another call from the brethren there, and again they invited our ministry to go and share the gospel. We got to know these brethren because they come to our home to get Bibles for their congregations, and this time we have Bibles to take to them. We will do evangelism, Jesus Film movie, and training. We are very thrilled about this mission, we can’t wait. 

May the Love and comfort of our Lord Jesus Christ that supersedes human comprehension be with you all.

Please join with us in prayer for:
1. Sunday school shelter 
2. Ministry land
3. The Gospel mission to Buyiga in May
4. Ministry provision
5. God to continue changing the hearts of our village people through the Gospel