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New Ministry - Young Men of Honour

Alex and I (Simon) have been doing lots of phone calls mobilizing for the launch of the new ministry in Proclaim-Africa called YOUNG MEN OF HONOR, this ministry targets young men aged 18-35. Our theme was YOUNG MEN AND MORAL PURITY and the speaker was professor Kaahwa head of Physics department Makerere University.
In his talk he emphasized on purity as young men in their work places and areas of responsibilities that God has entrusted them, to be satisfied with what God has given them as a way of avoiding the temptation of corruption. To live as examples to other fellow workers and to live as problem solvers depending on God’s providence.
 This year as committee members we felt the need to start a ministry to the young men so as they can grow along with MEN OF HONOR a ministry that is for adult men.
There was a change of the venue this time from the one we have been using for the MEN OF HONOUR MEETINGS to the one downtown Kampala. There were challenges being that this ministry is just kick starting e.g  We had to start from scratch in getting contacts.
We thank God that the launching of this ministry went well and the opportunity given to me as the master of the ceremony and Alex working on the registration table. The response from the young Men that came as we do follow up is good and most of them are happy about its launching and already to be part of this ministry.
In this same month also we had the opportunity to minister to a high school in the neighborhood through the preaching of the word and two students  gave their lives to Jesus.
Y.G.S fellowship is going on well and soon after this month we are planning to launch another group in Jinja near the Nile. This will be accompanied with the new developed material that we intend to use in all our youth fellowship as an organization.