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September 16th 2015 - MInistry Report - Colossian Challenge - Kakiri Pastors checkout

It was a joyful moment as I (Tumwesigye) and Mr. Allan left for pastor checkout on the morning on 16th/09/2015. We are so thankful to the Lord for Jovia who had made phone calls to about 8 pastors so that we could meet them on the due date. We took a Boda-Boda each to Kakiri tax Park. We then got a taxi which took an hour approximately to our destination. We had thought of using of private car but the finances cut us down: that is why we resorted to public transport.

Our meeting took place at Redeem Church. Out of 8 pastors, we meet two who had finished all the procedures except memorization. One pastor kept having breaks to make enough recitation after memorization. And finally he made it!

They received each an MP3 as an appreciation for participating in the challenge. This MP3 has a variety of sermons from trusted theologian pastors whose heart is for Christ; whose sermons are profound and invoke the listener to preach in a similar manner. 

As I have always done in my reports, the is always observations; 

I think one of the reasons we did not have a good turn up, the project had taken long in the hands on the recipients without being followed up. These pastors signed for the project in 2012, thus some had lost morale. We need always to follow up people when they are still warm, so that they don’t give up.

These pastors were so grateful and they promised to spur on their fellow brethren to join the project. We praise the Lord for that.  

After a minimal time of waiting for any late comer turn up, we got tired and left for Kampala. Nevertheless we thank God for the two who showed up. To Him be the glory forever. Amen (Romans 11:36).